A Song in our Hearts . . .

I was working the public desk last week when one of my co-workers came out from the back:


“Yes, ma’am?”

“Why do you have a stack of wedding books on your desk?”


” . . .  For a new book?”*


“Oh.  Good.  Have you seen the street name folder?”

“I just gave it to [patron] about ten minutes ago.  Wait—were you worried I divorced and got engaged without telling anyone, was planning to commit bigamy, was marrying off my children waaay too early, or that a Real Person was actually letting me plan their wedding?”

” . . . Mostly that last one.  Is the book about a wedding, or something else?”

“Hrmph.  I’m not going to tell you.”

But I did end up sending her a brief description and invited her to worry all she wanted about the characters for whom—or against whom—I was planning this shingdig.

A little later, she sent me an e-mail headed, “Don’t forget the music!” and a link:

Librarians. They’re awesome.

But you already knew that.

As a postscript, I was thinking about this post this morning as I drove the kids to school, and asked them what song they thought would be the worst to play at a wedding.

Something BrokenJanie didn’t even pause:

“Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts!
Mutilated monkey meat, little dirty, birdie feet!”

I’m so saving that one for her engagement party . . . Or the rehearsal . . .

What’s YOUR Nominee for Worst Wedding Song?


*Not all my co-workers know I write fiction, but this one does, because she caught me trying to tape my ankles to my office chair a few years and a book ago, listened to my explanation, and then helped me.


18 thoughts on “A Song in our Hearts . . .

    • I would pay seriously good money to see a bride coming down the aisle to The Witchdoctor, Nancy! 😀

      (and would seriously tape my kids’ mouths shut to prevent alternate lyrics to Lohengrin!)

  1. I can’t bear anything country played at a wedding (or otherwise).

    I’ve been thinking about starting a Pinterest page for a character I’m trying to figure out and am now thinking that your book, with the wedding and all, probably deserves its own Pinterest page as well.

    • I agree. No, no, no, no, no. Except maybe “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,” because who doesn’t tear up at that song?

      Josey, I’ve been avoiding Pinterest in the efforts to deny my Internet addiction, but I’m weakening . . . if you do set up a page, send me the link, please!

  2. Okay, your co-workers are the best ever.
    Worst: The Chicken Dance Song
    Best: Snoopy Theme Song. A friend of mine with a lifelong love of Peanuts walked into her reception to that and every single person got up and did this wacky impromptu dance. It was awesome.

  3. My friend walked down the aisle to the Stormtrooper’s theme music. Her man suggested it as a joke, and she said yes.

    Another friend played Willie Nelson’s “My Own Peculiar Way” (lalalala good country and alt country has a place at weddings, I don’t care what you say, I’m not listening lalalalala). The main chorus line is nice, “I love you in my own peculiar way,” however the song is really about how even though he cheats on her, he still loves her. Not so much.

    • Oh. Oh, indy, your friend wins. There is no way to top that, unless it was played with the mothers walked down. 😀

      Willie Nelson is a hoot, but not a particularly romantic hoot . . .

    • Holy cow.

      I’m pretty sure all the couples in that audience were looking at each other out of the corner of their eyes all the way home:

      “Honey? Am I a good catch?”

      Oh, $#!&. “Ummm . . . “

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