Half-Nano Update #4: Gaaaaahhhhhh!

Galapogos Olympics

I made some headway this week—I wrote every day on my NanoWIP, had some plot discoveries, added two characters, and gave an actual name to a third.   I asked a friend for suggestions  about an aspect of an MC’s job and she provided The Perfect Thing.

I also sampled a lot of coffee.  And cake.  For the book.

But I wasn’t quite able to catch up on my word count.  According to the math, I should be at 20,016 words, and at the posting of this, I’m at 18,831.

I have six days to write  6,169 words.  That’s 1,028 a day, and doable,  I hope, even with my folks arriving Tuesday and the living room still to clean and Thanksgiving to do.*

Plus, I’ve been using up a lot of the time I might have used for writing this weekend worrying about the four-and-a-half hour CPR class I’m teaching today.  I know the material, but it’s my first time using a classroom in this particular location—the first time I’ve been inside this particular location—and the first time I’m leading the class.  I don’t know where any of the equipment is, I don’t know how the projector works, and I’m not entirely sure where I’m sending the paperwork afterwards . . .

Wish me luck and many, many words, would you?

How’s YOUR Nano and/or November going?


*Or help do, as my SIL is in charge of the turkeys this year—and most of the rest of the actual meal—while I appear to be in charge of leftovers, which will involveseveral gallons of turkey-matzoh ball soup and several more gallons of egg noodle-turkey soup.  And possibly sandwiches.


15 thoughts on “Half-Nano Update #4: Gaaaaahhhhhh!

  1. l love your picture…love turtles. When you see my totals for NaNo, you’ll see why…14,490. l may be able to get some writing in tonight between DWTS and a launch party. Good luck…turkey matzo ball soup…yum

    • I’m beginning to think that self-imposed deadlines are a mixed blessing for me, Nancy . . . And an apparent invitation to all and sundry to immediately fill up my schedule!

      (turkey matzo ball soup is amazing stuff—it clears sinuses and absolves guilt)

    • There’s a British sitcom out there somewhere with a bit in which a man says, “Oh, I wrote all morning, it was lovely. I accomplished so much.”

      His wife (or whomever) asks, “A whole chapter?”

      “An entire two pages!”

      I never really knew why they were laughing . . . 😉

    • I managed to do a lot last night, so I’m quietly optimistic (so unlike me). 🙂

      I could sneak off . . . or just write around the edges. With two extra grandparents, there should be some extra free time available, right?

      • Just what I was thinking. The other day I wrote a couple thousand words. I forgot how the story can let loose when there is time for us to just write uninterrupted for more than a set hour. I also forgot how fun writing can be when you just let it be as twisted as it needs to be…

  2. I’ll wish some words your way, but I think even without the wishes, you’d meet your wordcount. You’re doing great! I don’t know what research has seemed more fun–learning about gun permits in different states of coffee and cake sampling. Good luck with writing & your CPR class, though again you won’t need it. I bet people can sense you’re someone they can learn something from. I’ve always felt that way.

    • Hi, Lisa!

      I’ll gladly tak all the words you can give me, especially if they’re backed by your creativity. 🙂

      Both types of research were fun, but the guns were slightly louder.

      And I’ve always felt exactly the same way about you. ❤

  3. Just realized that I’ve been a bit crazed and didn’t get back to you on the pages I read when I was on vacation. LOVED them! My God, girl, you really are the dialogue queen! Carry on! I am going to love this book!

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