Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Adding Depth)

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As I said last week, the identity of Mr. Shoulders isn’t much of a mystery, except maybe to Viv.

In her defense, the first time she met him, she had a major headache, a pair of sunglasses, and her sister-the-Bridezilla to wrangle—and she also doesn’t get to read some of the foreshadowing I stuck in there somewhere.

You didn’t either, but we only get eight sentences, so . . .

A modern espresso machine

“Jack, right?” she asked.

“Right. And you’re Viv,” he added, as if she might have forgotten.

She nodded and tapped her cup. “It’s all coming back to me, now.”

“What’s in that?” he asked.

“Hazelnut roast latte with a double pump of vanilla syrup, enough sugar to make my dentist price a Porsche, and two depth charges— extra espresso shots,” she said, when he blinked.  “They’ll go up to four, but I wanted to pace myself.”


I skipped the paragraph describing Jack in more detail, but honestly, between the main characters and the coffee, which is really more important? Sideways Cuteness



Oh . . .

Well, the good news is, I finished my Half-Nanowrimo.

So maybe I’d better get a headstart on Nanoedmo . . . ?


27 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Adding Depth)

  1. I like the ‘as if she might have forgotten’ line. It makes me think she’s still a little muddled–of course he’s just telling her that he remembers her name, too.

    Pacing herself? That’s a lot of caffeine and sugar for pacing herself! 😛

    Congrats on your half NaNo!

    • She probably looks a bit confused—and he also might think she’s hungover . . . 🙂

      I can’t decide whether she’s serious about the pacing or not, really, but it’s funnier that way. Right?

      And thanks, Caitlin! Congratulations on winning the full Nano!

  2. I’m not a coffee fan (though I do like chocolate-covered coffee beans), but the description of the drink is very tempting. I think I might be more inclined to drink coffee if it had a strong other flavor, like chocolate, raspberry, or peanut butter.

    • There’s just something about hazelnut and vanilla, Carrie-Anne. It just works.

      Have you ever tried a mocha? They’re like chocolate-covered coffee beans in liquid form. Sort of.

      Peanut butter coffee . . . Someone should mention this to Starbucks’ R&D. 🙂

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