Random Thursday: Texts, Rhubarb, and Random POVs

It’s Random!  It’s Thursday!  It’s Random Thursday!

I might have slipped in a mini-rant about three-fourths of the way down, but from my POV, I’m entitled.

Then again, who isn’t?


It’s all in the POV

Sahara Toilet

I had a manuscript like this once . . . Maybe twice.


Spaß mit Deutsch

Courtesy of indyclause, who may or may not have suspected that Jane and I would be Rhabarberbarbarababbling along to this until our faces went numb.

It’s a good numb, though.

(Ist dies richtig, ‘mausi?  Weil mein Gehirn weh tut . . . )


Texts with Time Sucking Superheroes

I double dog dare you to read just one of the conversations on Texts with Superheroes.

Texts from Superheroes - No Capes

I’ve read ALL OF THEM.

The site, which is run by funnypersons Diana McCallum and Andrew Ivimey, does not pull its in-jokes or its language for the kiddies, so before you unleash your progeny on this site, you’ll just have to read them all yourself to make sure.

It’s the only way.

You’re welcome.


It’s all in the POV, Part II

This image is titled
“Be Anything You Want to Be in the World, but Don’t Be This Kind of Couple”

My first thought?

Point of View

What kind of  idiot thinks it’s okay to eat a sandwich  in a library?

Cooties don’t attract mice or insects.  Grow up and learn to read signs.

And you two:  Take a breath and go get a room. No, not a study room.  Sheesh.

(via Watson, who thought it, too)


Christmas for Thirty-two fingers, Eight Thumbs,
A Slew of Digital Cameras,
and a Small Piece of Paper with a Drum Printed on it

You can stop watching around 3:22 . . . or keep going and add stuff to your holiday gift list.

Your call.

I subscribe to the Piano Guys YouTube channel, but missed this one anyway—
luckily, my friend Dee was there for me.
Thanks, Dee!


8 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Texts, Rhubarb, and Random POVs

  1. Yeah. Um… we now have a coffee shop in our building. Needless to say, the infestation has been epic. We have also been listed in a national magazine as one of the best places to “get busy”. How’s that for PR?

    • That’s awesome, Dee. Your board must be very proud. 😀

      We recently changed our policies to allow lidded drinks or capped bottles, but that’s as far as we’ve gone.

      We have stopped a few couples from going into the family restrooms together, though. That’s always an interesting conversation.

    • There are public displays of affection and then there are displays that make you worry someone’s about to take the L out of public.

      The latter have no place in the library. Just sayin’.

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