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Viv has been describing to Jack the time she’s been having, trying to help plan a wedding for a bride who is so caught up in the romance of Her Big Day that she expects animated bluebirds to arrange her veil, and expects the florist to provide the same imaginary flowers she dreamed up for her last set of greeting cards.

This would be her third florist, by the way . . .

Countdown to Sanity

He gave her a look that was half amusement, half horror but not, she thought, surprised.  “This is going to be a train wreck.”

“No,” she said.  “Not on my watch.  I may not believe in this overblown, overpriced, romantic nonsense, but she’s my sister and I love her and I’m going to make sure she gets the wedding of her dreams, within the boundaries of common sense, the laws of physics, and Dad’s budget. “

“And after that?”

“Not my problem,” she said, not bothering to keep the longing out of her voice. That was the only thing keeping her sane right now—that in four months, three weeks, and five days, Kirsten would be David’s responsibility, to have and to hold, for richer, poorer, sickness, health, quirks, annoyances, and inability to focus on anything but her own precious artwork.


Coffee Wont Cut itYou guys, I am so tired right now.  My fifth-grader had her all-day regional robotics challenge* this weekend—it’s part of the curriculum at her school, how cool is that?!—in a huge building with concrete floors and so many stairs between our group and the interview rooms, project room, testing tables, and/or pit area no matter where we were and so few chairs once we arrived wherever we were going.

At the scheduling of this post (6:45pm, Saturday), I am so tired I am barely functioning and so footsore, I can barely move.

But it was an undeniable blast, and all the kids—ours** and other people’s—did really well on everything from the robot trials to sportsmanship.  So did the parents and coaches—how many sports competitions can say the same?

My only regret is that I wasn’t wearing my pedometer.

So if I’m a little late reading everyone’s sentences this Sunday, it’s because I’m unconscious and if my comments—not to mention this post—are even more incoherent than usual, you’ll know why.

(Imma go bed now . . .)


* The FIRST LEGO League Challenge.

**Edited to add: We had to leave a little early, and so missed the team awards.  Apparently, my daughter’s team was awarded a special certificate for robotic design!  So.  Cool.


35 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Countdown)

  1. I LOVE this story. I feel sorry for the groom-to-be – does he really know what he’s getting into LOL? Viv is the best character, can’t wait for more. Excellent excerpt! and congratulations on the robotics competition – cool stuff.

    • He doesn’t, really, but that isn’t all the bride’s fault . . .

      I want Viv on my side, too. 😀

      Thanks, Veronica—I’ll pass along the congratulations!

  2. Yes, I feel sorry for the groom too, though I’ve know a couple of brides like this! Great excerpt and congrats on the robotics challenge. Sounds likes something my fourth-grader would love.

    • Eh, he wants what she wants . . .

      The venue is fully ADA compliant, but distance is distance and the elevators and chairs were for those who needed them more than I . . . Or so my pride said—my feet thought otherwise! 🙂

  3. I hope David’s able to handle that bridezilla. She seems like the type to place more importance on a wedding than the actual marriage it creates. Congratulations on doing well with the robotics challenge.

  4. One has to feel for the groom, and I think the bride is being stubborn yet she wants to see this through no matter what. This spells conflict with a capital C. Good snippet!

  5. Oh my, I really had a great laugh at this snippet – had a busy weekend too and JUST came from seeing the venue for my son & future dil’s wedding. I affectionately tease my dil2b about becoming a bridezilla but NOTHING like this gal. Great 8!
    (& congrats on the robotic award and your daughter’s part in it.)

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