Three (and a half) Things that Made Me Smile This Morning*


Sunny’s Practicality

“What do you want for Christmas, honey?” I asked my six-year old, perhaps a month or so later than I should’ve.

“A real horse,” she said.White horse in field

“Where would we put him?” I asked, opting for the space argument instead of the financial one that usually works better on her older sister.  “We don’t have much yard, and the garage is pretty full.”

“He can stay in my room.”

“Horses can’t be house-trained, honey,” I said, envisioning wall-to-wall newspaper and a pooper scooper the size of a snow shovel.

“I’ll walk him every day  Two times.”

“Doesn’t matter—they don’t hold it, they just go whenever and wherever they are.

“Oh,” she said, her little brow wrinkling.  And then she smiled. “He can stay in your room, then.”



Murphy the Snail Finger Puppet

Because he’s a snail.

And a finger puppet.

And just look at that little face.

Murphy The Snail

He was found in a museum gift shop this weekend, and I carried him around on my forefinger from the time I discovered him on the rack amongst  the bunnies and puppies, seals and robins, hedgehogs and otters, sharks and etcetera—they have an remarkable selection—to the moment the clerk said, “Do you want a bag, or are you going to wear him home?”

I didn’t wear him home, thank you.  I was driving.

Jane named him.  I was thinking Morton, but he totally looks like a Murphy.

Murphy The Snail 2

What he’s sitting on is the half thing that made me smile, because it’s the half-completed next scene from my WIP,
and I get to use straightjacket metaphorically for once.

(genre thing — best not to ask, really)



The Grapes that Stole Christmas

This is the season that our research patrons and volunteers and vendors like to give us cookies and fudge and chocolates and so forth.

And heaven knows, we appreciate it.

But this year, one of our favorite volunteers brought us these:

Grape that Stole Christmas

Grinches onna Stick for second breakfast!



*Not including Lyra’s latest post, which she published yesterday, but I caught first this thing morning. Gingerbread House metaphors and Elf Beer. Awesome.


9 thoughts on “Three (and a half) Things that Made Me Smile This Morning*

  1. I wish I had seen that grinch before I had all the plans done for the kindergarten party! It’s brilliant!
    Oh, and uhm, good luck with that horse in your room. I swear, our youngests could be twins.

    • I wish I had, too, Lyra, but it’s going to be reindeer candy canes again this year.

      Horses are better than elephants. Probably.

      (hey, you’re still willing to loan out one of your boys for prom in ten years, right? )

  2. My husband came home from the grocery store two weeks ago and put together this little Grinch guy. He just held it up without explaining what it was, and I didn’t get it at all.

    “I bought this whole bag of marshmallows to show you that,” he said.

  3. I want a real live horse for Christmas, too. And also that snail finger puppet.

    I’m apparently still a 12-year-old girl at heart. Well, a 12-year-old who drinks a lot of Christmas Ale, I guess.

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