Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Jealousy . . .)

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Jack understands why Renee is annoyed with him for forgetting lunch but he isn’t sure why the cake tasting, while it appears to be a valid excuse, seemed to be upsetting her on its own.

Until she asks him about the Maid of Honor.

Mysterious Face

“And what is she like?”

“She’s a technical writer and a raving caffeine addict,” he said, grinning.

Renee’s smile dropped to quarter power. “Does she look like Kirsten?” Renee had met Kirsten at a dinner hosted by one of the agencies’ clients a few months ago. They’d been instantly friendly in the way that beautiful women were, when they weren’t competing for the same man’s attention.

“Not much,” he said, “except maybe the eyes.” He hadn’t thought about taking a picture of Viv at the time, but he wished he’d captured her expression when she’d faced down Bibi.


I originally thought the image was Viv, but now I’m thinking it’s the model-formerly-known-as-Renee-but-who-doesn’t-have-a-new-name-yet . . .

I temporarily misplaced all my handwritten Anti-Cupid notes yesterday—about six chapters-worth of looseleaf sheets, envelopes, and scraps, ’cause that’s how I roll—but after a twenty minute search, during which I convinced myself I’d have to dumpster dive to find them, I eventually discovered the bundle in the Very Safe Place I’d tucked it while I was working on something else.

Perhaps it would be better if I stored this stuff in the middle of the room under a large traffic cone with a bright orange flag stuck on top.  Or stuck a sticky note treasure map on my monitor.

Or used my file cabinet . . .


45 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Jealousy . . .)

  1. At least 3 people on my street have orange traffic cones, so either I live among thieves or they have a shopping outlet I don’t know about!

    Cool excerpt. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

  2. Methinks he gave the wrong answer to “What is she like?”

    BTW, you sound almost as disorganized as I am. While looking for something yesterday I found a folded up piece of paper carefully tucked away among other important novel notes on the stand next to my computer. I unfolded it, hoping it would be the information I was looking for. What was it, you ask? It was a carefully preserved former grocery list. *sigh* (No, I never did find what I was looking for.)

  3. Enjoyed the excerpt – love this story and want to read it all! You definitely capture the beautiful women-vibe. Glad you found your lost notes! I try to be organized in my disorganization too, often with epic fail as the results. I like the orange cone and flag idea!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Veronica!

      I like how you put that—I’d like to think of my my organization as disorganized, rather than nonexistent! 🙂

  4. Women can be so superficial…loved this snippet. Renee puts a nasty taste in my mouth…I don’t think I like her much. But Viv…she’s my kind of caffeinated character ; ) Being disorganized might just be part of being a writer…too many things floating around in our minds all the time : )

    • Can’t we? 😀

      And thank you—Renee does the same thing to me and I was hoping for that reaction from others!

      Almost every writer who commented today seems to agree with you, Millie!

  5. Yeah, he’s giving all the wrong answers–she wants something like ‘ordinary,’ or ‘less pretty’ to be used… But I don’t think formerly-Renee is going to get what she wants!

    This is what we get for writing notes down haphazardly. I have a notebook on my headboard for the express purpose of capturing writing stuff–and just a few days ago I scrawled down notes on a receipt…

    • He’ll get to it, sort of, in the next eight, but you’re right, Caitlin—she won’t! 🙂

      Me, too! I have two scribble books that are within two feet of me most of the time, and I still use the backs of envelopes.

    • Maybe I should write a traffic cone-based romance. . . Hmmm. I should write that down and put it in a safe place—wait. 😀

      Clearly, we’re all in this together, Charmaine!

  6. I just found the code for the debit card for my writer’s account while looking for my new health insurance card. But I’d trip over all the orange cones I’d need.
    Oh well, at least I found the transition guide for the new plan.
    Enjoyed your 8.

    • Oh, Lord—insurance cards. I just paid a whopping doctor’s bill because I had four different insurance cards in my wallet and gave them the expired one . . . Luckily, my HR Wizard helped me with the form to send in to the insurance company, so there’s still hope. Sigh . . .

      Maybe I could paint my file cabinet orange, instead . . .

      Thanks, Sue Ann!

  7. Personally, I like the sticky note treasure map idea. I’m pretty disorganized myself, but I blame that on not having an actual office with space where I can organize things.

    You had me at cake-tasting. LOL

    • Treasure maps are so much more fun than notes saying, “Look under your blue yarn stash, Stupid!”

      I have a corner of the bedroom, and there’s no mistaking whose desk it is. 😛

      Thanks, Kate! 😀

  8. It’s a wonder I know where all my looseleaf papers, folders, and notebooks are for my writing. I have some in file cabinets and drawers, but I haven’t always kept them there.

    This scene reveals a lot about each character.

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