Happy Noon Year!

Noon Years Eve2

This morning, my husband and I took the kids to the Family Museum a few towns over, in a blatant effort to wear them out so they wouldn’t be able to stay up until midnight, so we wouldn’t have to.

Our strategy clearly isn’t going to work,* but it was a good time.

Exhibit A, with a huge, gappy grin:

Sunny Noon Years Eve

With the regular stuff that makes family museums a blast were crafts, a live band, dancing, and a Count Down a few seconds before noon.

Noon Years Eve3

And confetti.

Noon Years Eve4

A lot of confetti.

And people.

Noon Years Eve

Then we had lunch, a quick trip to the store t pick up nibblies for our annual New Year’s Eve Snackdinner, which we usually have while arguing over and eventually watching classic movies and/or ancient television shows on DVD.

This year, the options I schlepped home from the library are My Favorite Martian, the first season of Mary Tyler Moore, the first season of The Number One Ladies’ Detective Agency-for my MIL—the tenth season of Murder, She Wrote,the only season of Briscoe County, Jr.—that one’s for me—and a couple of Charlie Chaplain collections, because the Marx Brothers shelf was bare.

As usual, we went with organic noisemakers this year, who won’t have any problems staying up to see the Mommy** ball drop.

Should be fun!

Have a Happy and Safe New Year’s Eve!


* The reason this is so late is that I took an After-Noon Year’s nap, so I had half a chance of keeping up, and maybe a chance of rustling up a New Year’s Post, which may or may not include poetry . . .

**But before I do, I’m planning on dropping in at Averil Dean’s blog around 9 PST to help celebrate the release of her new book,  Alice Close Your Eyes, which I reviewed here a while back.  


2 thoughts on “Happy Noon Year!

  1. That sounds adorable. My family had the lamest New Years Eve ever. Ellen threw out her back and I was still suffering the nasty effect of a holiday cold. So yay!

    They say that what you do on New Years Eve is what you’ll end up doing the rest of the year. If that is true, I am doomed.

    • Oh, no—it sucks when the old year goes out with a whimper and a sneezing fit. I hope you’re both feeling better now?

      If there’s any truth to what they say, I’m doomed to watch Rin Tin Tin serials for the rest of 2014. And the cables been out since yesterday, so who knows?

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