Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Necktie)

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I’m skipping over a few paragraphs  describing Viv’s boss Stan as “Clark Kent’s hot uncle” and confirming that he’s as much of a caffeine addict as she is.  There’s also a one word description of Viv’s Day at the Bakery:  “Busy.”

We’re tuning in right after Stan tells Viv that his day off was busy, too; he watched his long-time partner move out of their apartment . . . with the help of his partner’s new boyfriend.




“Suspension of boss-lackey rules,” she said, standing up and making grabby hands.

He sighed again, and let her pull him into a hug.  “I’m a boring, middle-aged, suit-wearing, office drone,” he said into her hair.

“You’re the hottest boring, middle-aged, suit-wearing, office drone I’ve ever met,” she said, “and if there was the smallest chance of you enjoying it, I’d prove it by dragging you into your office and taking your tie off with my teeth.”

He huffed a laugh and backed up to arms’ length.  “At least you remembered to suspend the rules before propositioning me this time.”

“Too much?”

“No,” he said, smiling, “it’s strangely comforting to know that someone finds me attractive enough to violate the sexual harassment policy—even if you don’t have a Y chromosome.”


Not sure that Y chromosome remark is necessary—it’s funny, I think, but it might be too much.  I’ve been taking it out and putting it back in every time I open up the document . . .  any thoughts?

These are not the plans I have for Stan, by the way.  The plans I have will earn his forgiveness for putting him through this.  Promise.


Image by Pumbaa80


36 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Necktie)

  1. Oh, Sarah, that’s awesome! I love the set up, the pitch, and the delivery. She has just the right mixture of honesty and sultriness to help his confidence and yet not lose any respect in his eyes. And the Y chromosome line is great! Nicely done. 🙂

    • Thanks, Michelle. 🙂

      Yeah, it’s become an inside joke with them. Borderline inapporpriate, of course, but Stan needs a little inappropriate, I think.

  2. Leave the Y chromosome remark in, loved it! I thought the friend relationship between the two characters was lovely and warm and I definitely want to read more about these people so… very well done excerpt!

  3. Makes me wonder what’s shes done that required the suspension rule to be made. 🙂

    I say keep the Y chromosome line–he’d be more flattered if she was a man, right? If that’s what he means, that should be what he’s saying. And it *is* funny.

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