Brief Blog Break

Broken PencilI have a headache that started at 3am and a lingering taste in the back of my throat from the gelcaps I took to fight it and I’m so out of it today I forgot to put in my contacts and didn’t notice for a solid hour because the fuzziness matched the static in my brain.  It snowed last night and I wasn’t happy about driving my kids to school down the white-encrusted streets this morning, plus I was also anxious not to be late to work because I got it in my head that my annual review was today—it’s tomorrow, which is hardly a comfort, as the panic will have that much more time to build.  I didn’t have a post prepared for today because I faffed about online for a while last night looking for inspiration and returning e-mails and looking up the meaning of the word “faff” before skipping the blog in favor of working on the next chapter of my new book, which would be a good thing—it is a good thing—except I stayed up waaay to late with it, which I wouldn’t have if I’d skipped all the faffing.

So I’m tired and it’s all my fault, and even though I think I had something relatively post-worthy in mind when I opened my laptop waaay too early this morning, I kept zoning out over the keyboard and waking up five or ten minutes later with no memory whatsoever of anything post-worthy, but with the nagging fear that the three work related goals I had to brainstorm for my review—which I thought was imminent, or more immediately imminent, say that five times fast—might imply to Admin that I didn’t actually get anything done last year—untrue!—but offering only two might imply that I’m lazy or unaware, and that last one isn’t much of a stretch today, is it?  And then it was too late to write up a Real Post™ anyway, because I had to get the kids up and my husband was out shoveling so we wouldn’t have to practice the short luge down the driveway in Rocinante this morning—Jamaica Olympics Committee:  call me—and Sunny suddenly realized she had five pages of math homework she needed to complete, and have you seen the math first graders are doing these days?  I couldn’t write a post over lunch, either, because I’m taking my friend out  for her birthday, if she ever forgives me for having to buy a new battery for my phone before I could extract her invitation to dinner and a movie . .  . a day late.  And I still have that headache, because I was too busy zoning and stressing and worrying and feeling guilty to remember to make coffee and then drink it.  The Caffeine Gnomes are holding my whole head hostage for the duration.  It ain’t pretty.

So that’s why there’s no post today.



11 thoughts on “Brief Blog Break

  1. While I love to read your posts, I know I (and I’m sure the rest of us) would be just as happy knowing you’re not suffering from gnome death-metal bands playing concerts in your head, and accept a few less posts as a trade off.

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