Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Riposte)

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A few sentences down from last week, not-Renee strikes again.

Viv is done.

Boxing Glove

 “It must be a touch bittersweet,” Renee said, sounding just a touch too sympathetic to be sincere.

“The coffee?” Viv asked, knowing better.

“Planning your younger sister’s wedding.”

“Bittersweet isn’t quite the word I’d use,” Viv said, giving up.  “Neither is jealousy, if you were wondering.”

Renee looked suitably startled.  “Oh, I didn’t mean—“

“Of course you didn’t,” Viv said, with a smile of her own,  “no one ever does.”


Seriously, what is this woman’s deal?

I’ve gone back and forth all week trying to decide whether to add another bridesmaid—there’s already a Jailbait Cousin—or at least a friend-of-the-bride who wants to be the Maid of Honor and is therefore giving Viv all kinds of grief about what she’s doing/not doing.

I think it would be funny—I’m finding great hilarity in making Viv’s right eye twitch—and would show that Kirsten the Bride has a life somewhere.  But since the wedding is scheduled for the early middle of the book, I’m not sure there’s room for another character—two, since David would have to cough up another groomsman, as well as the ushers I just this second remembered he’ll need (and there’s my eye twitching)—who will disappear right after the cake is cut.  Of course, if the wannabe MOH broke her leg and was relegated to helping with the guestbook . . .

Then again, Kirsten is probably the kind of person who ditches her friends once she meets the Man of her Dreams, which would also round her out a bit, if not actually deepen her.  Then again, if she was deep, this would be a different kind of book.

Still thinking . . .


40 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Riposte)

  1. Instead of marshaling a new beginning as a glorious affair, most of the big weddings I’ve been part of ended up a nightmare of cat fights, last minute tears, and always a dress or two that ends up not fitting. You captured all of this well.

  2. I guess it would be too on-the-nose to hang the name Cat on not-Renee? *lol*
    I admire Viv’s strength–no catty so-and-so’s were bruised during this snippet, and that couldn’t have been easy. 🙂

    I love your musings about the story as we go along. I’ll shamelessly peek behind everyone’s curtain to see how they work and why a story goes one way & not another.

    • “Cat” . . . Yeah, that might be a little too much foreshadowing, Charley. 😀

      I was tempted to let Viv let not-Renee have it, but figured Viv wouldn’t think it was worth the energy. I have to keep in mind that Viv doesn’t add to the drama if she can help it, because she’s always the one who has to clean it up . . .

      And thanks—I’m always worried I’ve shared too much! 🙂

  3. I agree with heylook–‘knowing better’ is a bit much, especially followed by ‘giving up.’ Otherwise, loving the banter. Good on Viv for calling non-Renee on her cattiness!

    I don’t think you need another bridesmaid (and groomsman). The bride wants so much control, that I think she’d keep the party small. Less people telling her what to do, less people that will see her going bridezilla.

    • I think you and Mike know better about ‘knowing better’, Caitlin. 🙂

      I think the number of bridesmaids are going to be budget-controlled, rather than bride-controlled, but yeah . . . we’ll see!

  4. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to reading these snippets (sorry I haven’t been dropping by these past few months–but I’m back…). Excellent dialogue! I know nothing of the story and already I’m dying to know what’s going on.

  5. lolol! The comments are almost as good as the snippet. Millie’s is a hoot! 😉 lol I love the retort. Gawd,,,wish I had the nerve, just once, to say something like that! lol GREAT 8, Sarah!

    • She sure is, Teresa. 😀 We have a great group!

      It’s easy to think of stuff to say while I’m sitting at my computer, but on the wing . . . not so much! 😀

      It’s easy to think of clever things to say while I’m typing, but

  6. I love this story, I love your “voice”, I really enjoy Viv and I’ve sadly known people like not-Renee! So excellent excerpt! I think personally I wouldn’t add any more characters, especially if they’re just going to disappear from the plot after the wedding….save them for your next book maybe!

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