A Lazy Day

It’s President’s Day today, which means many of my fellow citizens get a day off from school and work to contemplate the history of our nation and celebrate the men who made it what it was before other people came in to make it what it is now sleep in, cruise the sales, and in certain regions be grateful that we don’t have to commute through the 3 inches of snow that’s already fallen since early this morning and the 3 we’ll be getting throughout the day because we can’t seem to catch a $#!%ing break with the weather.

I’ll admit I slept in until 8:30, despite my determined plans to get up only one hour later than usual and whack out the next chapter of my WIP before the kids woke up.  I figured my husband’s alarm clock would wake me, but my American can-do spirit didn’t even hear it.

Oh, well.

But in my defense, I’ve already started dinner—the slow-cooked beef stew I’ve mentioned here beforeand yes, I managed to get the tomato soup to splork out in one column because I’m just that good, though the potatoes weren’t half as sexy this time–taken a shower, Facebooked, webcomicked, YouTubed, read a bit, made much peanut butter toast for hungry children, folded laundry and formulated early afternoon baking plans that may show up in tomorrow’s post, especially if they go horribly wrong.

None of which is writing, which kind of ruins my defense strategy, doesn’t it?

But the moment I publish this post, I’m going to go feed my kids leftover pizza for lunch, grab my laptop and a mug of hot tea, and work on that chapter while glancing occasionally into the whited out world outside the window, relieved that I am lucky enough to be warm and dry on a stormy winter’s day and that in a few hours, my children, who are also safe and warm and full, will be bored enough  with this lazy day to help me make a mess of the kitchen.

Can’t really think of a better way to spend the day.

Holiday or not, how are you spending yours?