Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Dennis)

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I’m tired of not-Renee and her stupid Expensive Gray dress, so we’re moving past Viv’s verbal trouncing of her, which ends with a last line being tossed over Viv’s shoulder as she leaves with her big bag o’ deli, because she is done.

Jack, slightly stunned by events and overpriced Pad Thai, has returned to the ad agency he owns with his brother, the groom.

We’re about to meet Dennis, the other groomsman:

A Conversation

Jack glanced into the agency’s art department on his way back to his office, took two steps past, then reversed them.

The obstacle course of furniture and mockups and whiteboards, usually full of the high-energy chaos of too many creative people in one place, looked like a deserted storage room. Even Lacey, their grossly-underpaid intern, was nowhere to be seen.

But Dennis was hunched over his drafting table in the same position he’d been in when Jack had left for lunch.  Hell, the same position he’d been in when Jack had arrived that morning.

Jack knocked twice on the door frame.  Dennis glanced over.  “Hey,” he said.


I have plans for Dennis . . . Plans.


30 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Dennis)

  1. So many questions suggested by this scene. I need more…is everyone else in the art dept at lunch and what is Dennis working on so intently he skips lunch and comes in early?

  2. Nice description. I kinda like Dennis already and am interested in what he’s working on. The only thing I noticed was the last sentence: Dennis glanced over. “Hey,” he said. Perhaps you could have the narration like: Dennis glanced over and said, “Hey.” Just thought I’d point it out, but I’ll let you decide. Great snippet!

    • Thanks, Frank. 🙂

      I’ll look at how that sentence sits with the next paragraph and decide—I do tend towards choppy dialogue sometimes, so it’s always good to check.

  3. Got me wondering two things…where have all the people gone, and what the hell is Dennis working on that keeps him hunched over so? Looking forward to more : )

  4. You can tell it is advertising. They actually pay interns. Also just like an ad agency there is really only one person doing the work while everyone else is OTL.. 🙂 Good snippet with alot of info.

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