Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Plans)

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This week’s eight follows directly after last week’s, because I thought someone might be interested in what Dennis-the-other-groomsman looks like.

I certainly am.


“Weren’t you and David going to try out that new sports grill on Dumont?” Jack asked.

“Kirsten showed up.” The younger man slid his pencil into the cup on the edge of his desk, swiveled his chair around, and stretched, his spine making an audible crack as he unfolded his six-foot frame. “I wanted to get the new boards done for the McAllister account anyway.”

“Don’t starve yourself for the McAllisters.” The JavaNation account would have been a major feather in the agency’s cap, if the family-run board’s inability to settle on a concept for longer than twenty-four hours hadn’t threatened to turn the whole thing into a turkey. “Or Kirsten, either,” he added.

“I’m not,” Dennis said, scrubbing through his short, coppery hair. His biceps visibly strained the short sleeves of his light blue polo shirt.


In about three pages, Viv is going to look at a texted image of Dennis and say, “When did Captain America and Prince Harry have a baby?”  That wording probably isn’t going to make it into the next draft—though I would treasure a strongly worded letter from Marvel Studios (or Buckingham Palace’s PR Department)  forever—but it’s not wrong.

A few of you might be wondering if Dennis’ appearance has anything to do with the plans I have for this secondary character.

Ohhhh, yeah.


Modified image of Chris Evans filming The Winter Soldier, courtesy of Glyn Lowe, via Wikimedia Commons.  Click the links for the entire image—you know you want to.