Random Thursday: Documented Super Webstrippers

Made you look!

Random Thursday (ˈrandəm ˈTHərzdā): the day on which Sarah plunks down all the odd bits and pieces she’s been sent by friends or has otherwise stumbled upon this week in an effort to avoid writing a real post, the assembly of which usually ends up taking twice as much time as sitting down and creating actual content.

This  is one of the few Random Thursday that doesn’t contain a whole lot of random elements.

Which kind of makes it random, in a way.



My New Favorite Webcomic Ever™: Supercakes

Artist and storyteller Kat Leyh did a short comic on her tumblr about two women having breakfast.

They’ve been dating for a while, and Mo has just about worked up the nerve to ask May something.

And then May’s pager goes off and they end up having this important conversation while she rushes around getting ready for work and Mo quietly freaks out in the other room.

It’s real, it’s adorkable, and it’s got a twist.

Pancakes by Leyh

May and Mo are superheroes.


“Pancakes” did so well that Ms. Lyh did a few more shorts about this lovely couple, and now May Ai (Tank) and Mo LaMarck (Shift) have their own website.

I like the way the superstuff is woven into the storylines, without being the focus of it.  Don’t get me wrong—the worldbuilding is solid, and the various superabilities aren’t just a gimmick,  but the people, and how they connect with each other, are far more important.

And I really love the wide range of diversity and the overwhelming theme of acceptance in these stories, which including the juxtaposition of May’s upbringing, which was incredibly supportive, and Mo’s,  which really, really wasn’t.

Luckily, May’s family always has room for one more.

This comic doesn’t update very often, because Ms. Leyh is hopping busy—and no wonder—but when it does . . . it’s super.


Strippin’ Out Loud


Stripped is a documentary about comic strips.
The artists who create them,
the readers who read them,
those who are worried about the future of  an industry originally based on newspapers,
and those who have pixelated the problem all the way to the bank.

Have a trailer:

 And also one of the  really cute ads Sequential Films did to kick-up their Kickstarter campaign.

It worked: they asked for 33,560 and ended up with $77,550.

Feel free to smack anyone who claims that comics are irrelevant in this day and age upside the head with a rolled up newspaper.  Or a laptop.

Your choice.


Time Suck of Webcomic Awesomeness

Those unrepentant enablers at iO9.com just came out with another list—this one of seventeen highly rated and COMPLETE webcomics.

No waiting.  No frustration.

Just read ’em through from beginning to end.

Click the graphic and let the feasting begin.

iO9 17 webcomicsA friend of mine sent me this link because she doesn’t want me to accomplish anything for a solid week.

Challenge accepted.


The X-Files meet SHIELD meets Edward Lorenz*

Imagine a world where gravity starts messing with you as you walk bounce fly swim to school.

Where a wormhole might open up in your kitchen.**

Where the laws of physics have turned out to be less reliable than election year promises.***

A world where the unusual has become so same old, we’ve made it the new normal.

Where a very special Federal agency is trying to protect us from the things that go
non-Newtonian in the night
and figure out what the hell is happening.

And where it all might end.

Federal Bureau of Physics

The first graphic novel of this amazing comic is out now
—and on its way to my house, via the wormhole known as the USPS—
but I like this cover better.


John Green Flosses with the Funny Pages

It’s true.



So . . . What’s YOUR favorite comic/webcomic/strip/graphic novel?


*Chaos theory, strange attractor, butterfly effect guy.  Can’t help feeling a connection there, you know?

**I’d love this—our garbage disposal has never worked right.

***Cheap shot.  Sorry.


6 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Documented Super Webstrippers

  1. I’ve known about “Stripped” for a few weeks now — and was dazzled to learn that Bill Watterson decided leave his Unibomber-style shack for a few minutes to contribute some wisdom.

    The 1980s offered up a welcome (if brief) Renaissance on the comic pages. Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side and (my personal favorite) Bloom County were hilarious and sometimes profound. More significantly, all three strip creators had the good sense to walk away before their work got stale.

  2. Have you been watching ‘Caper series’? It’s the new web series created by Amy Berg and Mike Sizemore about super heroes who can’t make their rent. It’s on ‘Geek and Sundry’, and available on hulu.
    Thanks for all the time sucks. I really didn’t want to get any work done today anyway.

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