Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Indigestion by Association)

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Last week, we enjoyed a description of the lovely Dennis, illustrated by an image of the equally lovely torso of Mr. Chris Evans.

This week, we’ve skipped past a few paragraphs explaining that Lacy the Grossly Underpaid Intern gave Dennis her lunch (for reasons that are obvious to us, but not him, for various reasons), so all of you who were concerned that the poor boy was starving himself toiling over the McAllister account can rest easy.

Jack has just told Dennis that he and Renee went to the Jade Garden instead of Szabó’s.

I was a little surprised by that myself.

Bismuth Pepto

“You hate that place,” Dennis said.

“I don’t hate it.”

“Last time you went there, you said—“

“Okay, yeah. I did.” His photographer’s eye could appreciate the beautiful presentations at the Jade Garden, but his stomach couldn’t help noticing that the plating involved a lot of empty china surrounding uninspired food.

It wasn’t sitting well, either—though he wasn’t sure if that was his lunch or Renee’s unprovoked bitchiness towards a woman she’d just met. Viv had held her own, but he felt . . . not guilty, but embarrassed by association.


We’ve all been there, Jack . . . though probably not under the same circumstances.

At least this proves that Jack was not unaware of Renee’s unprovoked attack on Viv, in case you were wondering.  I wonder if he’ll be able to think of someway to show Viv he doesn’t condone Renee’s behavior, without actually bringing it up, which would be all kinds of awkward?

Hmmm . . .


35 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Anti-Cupids (Indigestion by Association)

    • Thanks, Frank! 🙂

      It’s probably a combination, but Jack needs practice in introspection, anyway, so it’s all good. Or bad. Whichever. 🙂

  1. Really enjoying this story and now I like Jack even more. I definitely want to see everything and everyone else in this book, the tone and the description and everything are just so beguiling. Excellent excerpt!

    • Thanks, Veronica!

      There aren’t any crocodiles, but hopefully the unreasonable attack of the adolescent bridesmaid coming up will be just as exciting as the scene you posted today. 😀

  2. That sounds like the way my dad would describe a restaurant. My parents have put so many restaurants on what they call “The List,” for some pretty petty reasons. My dad tends to be a lot pickier about why he’ll list a place.

    • My MIL has boycotted an excellent restaurant near our house because one of the lettuce leaves in her salad was brown.

      But she’ll drive miles to eat terrible stuff at this greasy spoon across the river.

      I don’t get it either…

  3. “Embarrassed by association.” Oh, Lordy, I know that feeling.

    I love this story (even if you must insist on this damn eight-sentence per-week thing) because it is so wonderfully observant of human behavior.

    Mark me on this: This is the book that’s gonna put you on the map.

  4. Love “embarrassed by association”! Jack could always let Renee know how he feels by dumping her. Just sayin’…

    Great snippet–your characters really jump off the page. 🙂

  5. Sometimes the uneasy feeling in your stomach has nothing to do with what you just ate. Unless you ate somewhere really questionable, and in that case, you brought it on yourself. o.O

    I kind of expected him to say “Okay, yeah. I do.” As in ‘I do hate the place’, instead of agreeing that he had said whatever he did. Surrendering the argument so Dennis doesn’t throw his words in his face, basically.

  6. This is an enjoyable story. All the characters are so different and real. And God, haven’t we all had that embarrassment by association. Like the food description too I instantly thought of those hoity-toity portions of all plate and microscopic food. 🙂
    The Murders of Polly Frisch

  7. “Embarrassed by association” does not bode well for Renee in the future. Lots revealed in a few words in this scene. Well done.

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