Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Photo-Op)

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We’re skipping over about half a page from last week, not only because I was going through a brief phase of very short sentences (don’t laugh, it could happen), but ALSO because Jack is about to figure out how he can show Viv that he’s a good guy, without apologizing for not-Renee.*

But first, Dennis asks him how the “cake tasting thing” went.


“Most of it was Kirsten making up David’s mind.”

Dennis grinned. “Sounds like fun.”

“Parts of it were okay—like the coffee once we escaped. Hey,” he said, as a thought struck, “mind if I take your picture?”


“No, don’t move.” Jack whipped out his phone.


These aren’t the plans I have for Dennis . . . but Jack’s current plan will help Viv in the next chapter.

Because I apparently think having my characters objectify an sweet, ridiculously attractive young man is okay.  Then again, he’s probably used to it AND he’s a figment of my imagination, anyway, more’s the pity.

Plus, he works in advertising, so who actually holds the moral high ground here? Huh?


*(and who I think I’m fooling with this “not” stuff, I don’t know—the name’s stuck and I know it).

Image of the  Alcatel 6030 by ElvisFer, via Wikimedia Commons.