My Last Baby is Seven

Sunny is seven today.

Yesterday,on  her last day of being six, she refused to pronounce a single R, because it was the “wast chance I’ll evew get to do baby tawk, Mama. I hafta be big tomowwwow.”

Dear heaven, I hope so.

As bittersweet as it is to know that I’ll never have another six-year old . . . I think I’m ready for seven.

I’m pretty sure she is, too—she rode  her bike, all by herself, for about half a block at a time, while Jane decorated the birthday cake she’d baked for her little sister, also all by herself.*

Nyan Cake!

Happy birthday, my Sunny girl.

And yes, the pop-tart is all yours.


*Except for the gray parts of the cat, which are made of gumpaste. Gumpaste, for those of you who have never worked with it—you lucky, lucky people—is hateful, evil, sticky stuff and because I couldn’t find any ready-made in gray, my hands are still a faded, patchy, inky black from the food coloring I worked into it. Never. Again.


16 thoughts on “My Last Baby is Seven

  1. I’m so ready for a poptart cake. In fact, hold the cake and just give me the brown sugar cinnamon tart, hot from the toaster.

    You are a bad influence, Sarah.

    • I have nearly a whole box of leftover cherry ones you can have, Averil! But I agree, the brown sugar ones are the best, even untoasted.

      Bad influences last longer. 😉

  2. Happy Big Girl, young lady, seven year old with pierced ears who can ride her bike. What a lot of wonderful things you have done lately. you are really growing up my youngest granddaughter. I am so proud of you. Have a fantastic Birthday and enjoy that beautiful cake.

  3. Happy Birthday to SUNNY!!!
    (And okay, how cool is it that her big sister baked her cake? And did an amazing job? Not just the looks but a poptart cake??? Tell Janie I admire her innovation and vision. Brava!)

    • Thanks, Mike!

      And because I couldn’t find the camera and I didn’t want to touch my phone screen to unlock it for Janie—or tell her the code. 🙂

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