Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Women?)

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I’ve been trying to parse Jack’s attitude toward dating since I started writing this story—or rather, how to express that attitude without making him sound like a jerk and a player, because that seems to be a bit of a problem.

Because he’s not. He likes women and if he discovered that he’d like to marry the woman he’s dating, he wouldn’t waste time mourning his bachelorhood.

But . . .


“It’s not like I ask women out because I think I might eventually propose to them.”

Dennis frowned, and switched pencils. “Huh.”

Jack blinked. “You do?”

“Women?  No.” Dennis rummaged around in his cup, pulled out a fine point pen, and began inking in a figure holding a cup of coffee.


. . . he honestly doesn’t understand why everyone seems to think marriage has to be the ultimate goal of dating.

And he really hates being pushed towards that goal, not because he hates the thought of being married, but because he doesn’t think marriage should be treated like a check mark on a bucket list.

Is he oversensitive about this?  You bet, and he’s probably shot himself in the foot over it a few times.

Dennis is probably going to call him on that in a couple of sentences.



51 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Women?)

  1. I don’t think Dennis listening at all, and maybe that’s his way of showing his disinterest in the subject. I agree that marriage doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal of dating. Dating is…well a journey. Interesting snippet!

    • You’re right, Millie. I wonder why that is? Biology or propaganda? If it’s a holdover from earlier times, it seems like an odd one . . .

  2. I agree with Jack–that’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself, and another person you probably don’t know well. I got the feeling Dennis is thinking something along the lines of maybe that’s what he thinks now… People who think pairing up is the most important thing in life have a lot of societal support for their POV, and usually can’t fathom why anyone would intentionally stay single. It’s easier to dismiss the whole attitude than try to understand.

    Great snippet! You say a lot with very few words. 🙂

  3. I love this story and enjoyed the excerpt, what a fun discussion going on in the comments, working from the snippet you shared! Shows how much we all like your characters for sure…

  4. I hope he makes it clear to the women he asks out that he’s not particularly looking for longterm commitment from the jump. A lot of disappointments and hurts would be prevented if people were honest about their intentions early on. Then again, I also thought my ex-“fiancé” wanted marriage and family, not that he’d put his issues and his mother first.

  5. I like that there’s something else going on (drawing the cup) while they’re talking. The dialogue is so believable between a couple of guys. I’m wondering what else Dennis will have to say!

    • Thanks, Sandra!

      I tend to write these long conversations, and I’m afraid of making it seem like two actors are doing a static line reading. 🙂

  6. I can understand what Jack is thinking–no, you shouldn’t get married just as part of a check list. But past a certain age, women who want kids run into some biological limits, so it’s unfair of him to let any woman he’s dating think marriage might happen soon if it isn’t going to.

    And I don’t think Jack is so good at sharing his opinions and feelings, from what we’ve seen of him so far…

    • When he first meets them, he doesn’t know, of course, but once the topic comes up, he tries to make it clear that marriage is not on his mind, nor will it be anytime soon. The problem comes when one of them tries to change his mind . . .

      And no, you’re right—he really, really isn’t.

  7. Excellent, Sarah! Yeah, I really think he’s a jerk! lol.But you know, that’s okay. It’s a layer of complexity in the story. Perhaps he’s just so misunderstood. 🙂 I’m enjoying these snippets. 🙂

    • Jack knows, but “You do?” is the kind of preoccupied shorthand we all use in conversation—and someone always calls us on it, don’t they? 😀

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