You Belong to Me

I’m suffering from a touch of eyestrain this morning, and also from the stress of hauling a reluctant kid to an 8 o’clock doctor’s appointment in an unfamiliar part of town, dragging her back to school via a vaguely remembered short-ish-cut, and racing myself over the river (literally) and through the woods (metaphorically) to the library, where I discovered my boss . . . and a camera crew.

So, in lieu of further discussion of events that might very well snap the overworked springs of my ocular ganglia and rupture that throbbing vein I can feel in my forehead, I’m offering a video of a father who tried to use a little bedtime song to distract his daughter from the imaginary fireworks keeping her from sleeping—hey, beats monsters under the bed—and ended up Winning The Internet:

 Don’t know about you, but I feel better . . .


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