Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Art vs. Science)

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It’s been a while since I shared eight-sentences worth of how Viv is coping with her sister’s idea of the perfect wedding.

Kirsten is a greeting card artist, whose Whimsical Fantasy wedding bouquet line is up for a big award.  Guess what kind of bouquet she wants for her wedding?

Let’s listen in while Florist Number Four talks to Viv about this:


“Three sample bridal bouquets,” the florist said.

“I know, but—“

“Two special orders.”

“I know, but—“

“Even if the flowers she wants existed, they wouldn’t bloom in September.”

Please,” Viv said, rubbing her eyes,  “it’s four months until the wedding.”

“I’m really sorry, but it’s going to take longer than that to breed a seven-petaled, round-leafed, yellow balloon flower, if that’s what those are. Your sister may be a good artist, but she’s no botanist.”


I’m not either, so if a seven-petaled, round-leafed, yellow balloon flower is a completely reasonable September request, please let me know so I can gum up the works with something else!


Image of a five-petaled, pointy-leafed, purple balloon taken by Cory, and found via Wikimedia Commons


37 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Art vs. Science)

  1. OMG, I love this! LOL! Poor Viv… I was going to say that she should make Kirsten deal with it herself, but then I’d probably be saying “Poor florist.”

    • Kirsten? No. Viv however, is about to discover the world of artificial flowers, via Jack—her next challenge is to convince Kirsten that silk is a good alternative to a bunch of dandelions fastened with a twist-tie. 😀

  2. Unless you use Sueann’s suggestion of a silk-wedding bouquet, I’d throw a little foot-stomping in that it has to be REAL flowers. It seems as if the florist has some sympathy for Viv and a bit of disdain for the bride-to-be. Good 8.

    • Sue Ann’s suggestions are always worth listening to. 🙂 I have something a little better than Michael’s in mind though—not that I don’t love the place, but I need to bring Jack in on the fun!

      Thanks, Veronica.

  3. What the heck…can’t it be bloomed in a hot house? Or south of the border and put on a “life flight”? Poor Viv…

  4. What? You can’t get a specialty flower in two weeks? That’s it, I’m outta here, lol. Great snippet, Sarah. 🙂

    • You know, I didn’t think Kirsten was going to be a bridezilla when I started this, just a little . . . out of it. But now she’s pretty much there. 😀

      I’m so glad you feel sorry for Viv—I don’t want her to look like a pushover, but she has to have a tough time, or the wedding won’t be worth it. 🙂

  5. If I get married, I only want wildflowers. I never saw the appeal of spending so much money on flowers when they’re just going to be thrown out or wilt quickly.

    • Good point, Carrie-Ann! I saw a bride with poinsettias once—she bought the plants herself at a garden store and saved herself a ton of money.

  6. Poor Florist: As an undergraduate botany major (60 years ago) I am as sure as possible under these circumstances that there is no such thing as a balloon flower with seven petals. Although it’s possible to manipulate blooming times (Easter Lilies don’t bloom at Easter in an outdoor garden in Ohio) the number of petals on a flower is an entirely different matter. Try to buy an Easter Lily with seven petals next year!

  7. Excellent. And you’ve done some flower research. I’ve never seen a yellow balloon flower (Platycodon) or the number of petals outside the norm. This is a wonderful way to show just how unreasonable bridezilla has become! Your delivery of veiled humor is perfect! 🙂 Nice job!

    • I didn’t even know what a balloon flower was before I started, Teresa! I just brought up some five-pointed flowers and thought it looked pretty. 😀

      I’m glad it sounds reasonable to people who know more about these things! Thank you!

  8. Wow, trying to make Whimsical Fantasy a reality? Kirsten’s a little crazy! I have two words for her–silk flowers. They’re pretty realistic these days, mix in some real flowers and greenery, and no one will notice.

    Love the line about her being an artist but no botanist. 🙂

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