Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Necessity is a Mother)

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First, Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who identifies as female and is owned by a child of any age or species.


This continues from last week, when Viv’s cousin Ellie calls to bi—I mean, voice concerns about her daughter, the Second Bridesmaid, being excluded from cake-based bridesmaidly (it’s a word) activities.

Since the appointment switch was the bride’s fault, Viv wonders out loud why Ellie is yelling at her:

Text Message Icon

“Because yelling at Kirsten isn’t going to fix this,” Ellie said.

“And yelling at me will?” Viv asked, already knowing the answer and trying to devise ways to coax her overindulged cousin out of her snit—and her spoiled teenager, too.

“I’m sorry, I really am, but you have no idea how much drama this wedding is causing,” Ellie said.

“Tell me about it,” Viv said, drily, then closed her eyes as Ellie mistook sarcasm for a sincere invitation. 

Her cell phone pinged over the stream of complaints and she groped for it without looking—if it was Kristen, she was going to tape the phones together and walk away.

Instead, there was a text:  **Thought your Mom might want to complete her set of groomsmen —Jack**

The accompanying image  made her whistle.

“Ellie,” she said, interrupting Ellie’s familiar litany, “let me talk to Harper.”


Dennis to the rescue!

These aren’t the plans I have for him—or not all of them—I’m just letting Viv objectify him to give her a well-deserved break.


Image of the bouquet was sent to me by a dear friend for my birthday last year.

Image of the Text Message icon courtesy of my Android smartphone.


28 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Necessity is a Mother)

  1. I love this story. Is Harper the junior bridesmaid who was upset? So now she’s going to be pacified by a devastating guy to walk with her, I’m assuming LOL. Always look forward to your excerpts!

  2. So many chuckles in one snippet! 🙂 I hate it when people mistake sarcasm for sincerity–of course, it’s conveyed best in person, not over the phone, over worse, by text.

    You have a name swap in the second mention of the sister–“…if it was Kristen…”

  3. Dennis should fill out the groomsmen quite well. Love the banter and the pre-wedding chaos that comes with big affairs.

  4. Super. So much tension. When my son got married, the caterer backed out the week before the wedding, the florist upped the price of flowers by 50%, the company we rented the linen from backed out, and the maid of honor was hospitalized. Fun, fun, fun.

  5. I wish I could have a wedding (if I’m meant to marry) as simple and drama-free as my favorite aunt’s remarriage. All the drama surrounding my former “engagement” seemed to come from the fact that my so-called “fiancé” never told his parents (whom he still lives with) about it, and never even looked at the checklists and timelines I kept begging him to do something about.

  6. Oh every week, I look forward to reading your snippets! This week delivered the goods like usual : ) I look forward to seeing how this unfolds…poor Dennis…not sure he’s gonna be super excited about hanging with a snotty nosed kiddo : )

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