Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (OMG)

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This bit follows last week’s, with the omission of one linking sentence that expresses Ellie’s doubts that teenage bridesmaid Harper will come out of her room for anything:

Orange Highlighter

There was a pause, a knock, and the sound of muffled voices.

Viv tucked the receiver into the crook of her shoulder, found her place on the page, and marked phosphorylation.

“OH. EM. GEE!” a voice shrieked into her ear.

“Gah!” Viv hollered, clutching her highlighter to her heart.

“Viv?” Stan called.  “You okay?”

 “Fine, thanks,” she said, when she could.  “Should’ve seen that coming,” she muttered, pulling the still-squealing receiver up by its cord.


 As of the early Saturday scheduling of this post, all signs are pointing to a major migraine, which tend to affect my sight.

It’s hard to see and type (and brain) through all the sparklies and the tunnel vision.  And, you know, the pain—so I’m sorry if I’m  late getting to everyone’s posts.  Or if I make no sense once I do.

Thank heavens Monday is a holiday here . . .



Image © Justin Smith / Wikimedia Commons, CC-By-SA-3.0.  This image was cropped for use in this post.


38 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (OMG)

    • She’s at work, and since my cubicle is hers, her work phone has a cord. 🙂

      (Sort of—Viv didn’t expect to get her eardrums pierced)

    • It did, Elaine!

      I love your snippet today (such a quiet moment with such a huge impact), but your captcha is defeating my attempts at leaving comments. I’ll try again later!

  1. Ha ha ha, could picture this clearly! Loved it. Hope you are able to kick the migraine to the curb quickly. Feel better!

  2. I know it doesn’t pertain to the the snippet itself but I love the use of brain as an adjective. I may use that in conversation from time to time if it’s alright with you 😛

    Also, I hope your headache doesn’t last too long. Ouch!

    • Fine by me—I can’t remember where I swiped it in the first place!

      (Works as a verb, too, if you’re of a mind to use it that way—ba-DUMP dump 😀 )

      Thanks, Taryn.

  3. Pitch perfect reaction from the balky bridesmaid LOL. Love this story, can’t wait to read it all and as many other books in this “world” as you care to serve up. Great 8!

  4. I’m surprised to see a phone that still has a cord! No one can believe me when I say I miss rotary phones and would like to get my own modern, working rotary.

    • Viv is using her cubiclework phone, which has a cord. Is that not done anymore?

      You can buy rotary phones that work! I’ve seen them! 😀

  5. Oh, man, I’ve had phone conversations like that. I usually put the phone down and let the speaker squeal on their own time. lol. Great snippet, Sarah. 🙂

    • It certainly does, Charley! 🙂

      My night wasn’t fun—spent a lot of it in the bathroom—but the sparklies have receded, so I think it’s over . . .

  6. Feel better soon!

    People who choose to speak text acronyms have a special place in my to-avoid list. But it sounds like this bratty girl would top that list for a bunch of reasons.

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