Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Antonym)

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I’ve been sharing a lot of slapstick bits from before the wedding, because that’s the part of the book I’m currently wrangling and given the choice, I’ll usually go for the funny.

But the wedding actually happens in the middle of the book—or will, once I straighten out the timing—and while there are plenty of post-wedding slapstick moments, there are also conversations like this one, because even characters like Viv have their moments of doubt:


“Where did all this stuff about you being unattractive come from?”  Jack asked, genuinely confused.  Anyone who described Viv as plain must be using it as an antonym.

“Experience,” she said, not looking at him.  “On my best days, I’m presentable.  Men don’t go for presentable—they don’t even see presentable.”

“I did.”

“You weren’t looking for a date; you were looking for caffeine and someone to bitch with.  C’mon, ad man, you know I’m right.”


Don’t worry.  Jack’s persuasive.