Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Antonym)

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I’ve been sharing a lot of slapstick bits from before the wedding, because that’s the part of the book I’m currently wrangling and given the choice, I’ll usually go for the funny.

But the wedding actually happens in the middle of the book—or will, once I straighten out the timing—and while there are plenty of post-wedding slapstick moments, there are also conversations like this one, because even characters like Viv have their moments of doubt:


“Where did all this stuff about you being unattractive come from?”  Jack asked, genuinely confused.  Anyone who described Viv as plain must be using it as an antonym.

“Experience,” she said, not looking at him.  “On my best days, I’m presentable.  Men don’t go for presentable—they don’t even see presentable.”

“I did.”

“You weren’t looking for a date; you were looking for caffeine and someone to bitch with.  C’mon, ad man, you know I’m right.”


Don’t worry.  Jack’s persuasive.


42 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Antonym)

  1. Nice sparring between the two.
    Didn’t someone once say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?”
    I like slapstick, too. Will be on the lookout for Henny Youngman, Groucho, and Three Stooges type stuff!

    • Yes, they did. Thanks, Chip!

      Youngman, definitely, possibly Zeppo (Harpo is too silent for this crowd) as Groucho is too expensive, but unless the wedding scene really gets away from me, the Stooges are not invited. 😉

  2. Great dialogue! I like that she’s not throwing herself a pity party – she’s just being honest. Men don’t see presentable. I also love that she calls him on trying to compliment her.

  3. Yup, he’s all about the sale…let him sell her on herself : ). Beauty is far more than looks, I hope she comes to see that (I personally think humor is gorgeous : )

    • He’s not the most sensitive of men, out Jack, but he’s not dumb, or blind. 🙂

      I’ll be happy if she ends up believing that Jack believes that. Or something . . .

  4. Love their easy banter. I have a hunch that she’s about to learn how Jack sees her. 🙂

  5. I think we all have doubts like that. Looking at the pics of my wedding (in which I was pregnant), I still ask Mr. SM how he saw the beauty. He just smiles and says it was impossible to ignore. Great snippet, Sarah. 🙂

  6. Viv is incredibly intelligent, and she’s got some great perception skills when it comes to looking out for those she cares for, but she sure does know how to avert those eyes when it comes to herself. It’s good to be modest, but she’s just wrong. Luckily, Jack is just the person to set her straight. She needs someone who won’t bend, someone who is as much of a hard ass as her. I think Jack’s up for a challenge. 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂

      A friends of mine calls these two “The Wiseass Twins.” As in, “Any more pages from the Wiseass Twins this weekend?”

    • Thanks, Jeff! 🙂

      This one isn’t a mystery story, but Robert Parker is still my inspiration for dialogue that gets it done (I hope).

  7. Yes to the laughs! If a book doesn’t make me chuckle at least once, it’s not going to be one of my favorites.

    I see Viv is suffering from being in her sister’s shadow… probably no one looked at her twice, and she paled by comparison. Take heart, Viv! Some men do see personality. 😉

    • We’ll see, Elaine!

      I’m still having terrible problems commenting on your site—your captcha deosn’t show in my browser.

      If I can’t get it to work again this week, I hope you come back so I can tell you that your snippet this week was amazing. ‘Cause it was.:)

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