Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Gnomes!)

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 Anyone remember the (fictional) McAllister family, which owns the (completely made up) JavaNation company and appears to be incapable of deciding on an ad campaign—much to the hair-tearing frustration of David, Mike, and Dennis?


Well, the McAllisters just struck again and the boys struck out.  Again.

But David’s thumping headache is about to remind Jack of something . . .



 Jack went to his office, found the ibuprofen, and was walking back when a thought stopped him midstep. “Gnomes,” he said.

He sprinted for the art department, slowing to toss the bottle through David’s open doorway.  “Heads up!” he said, already halfway down the hall.

Dennis was staring at his Art Deco mock up, as if he could will the McAllisters to reverse their rejection of it through the power of sad puppy eyes.

“Gnomes!” Jack announced, taking out his phone.


But Jack was already sending a text.


Wonder who’s on the other end of that message?  Hmmm . . .



The image is of  the creepy clay gnomes that “lived” in the rockery at Lamport Hall, as originally published on page 211 of  The Gardeners Chronicle, 25 September 1897.

 Lamport Hall was the home of the Isham family from 1560 to 1976. Sir Charles Isham, 10th Baronet is credited with beginning the tradition of garden gnomes in the United Kingdom when he introduced a number of apparently truly creepy terracotta figures from Germany in the 1840s.  And I’m sure we all thank him for that . . .