Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Autocorrect)

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This is a direct continuation  from last week’s eight and the perfect excuse to use this image, which was sent to me by a friend who may have mistaken the kind of story this is . . .

I changed one word to make it clear that Jack is sending the first text.


“Busy?” Jack typed.

A few seconds later, his phone pinged: “Yes—Why?”

“I need your gnomes bad.”

He waited, but instead of a ping, his phone rang.  “Hey.”

“If you’re going to sext,” Viv  said, “turn off your autocorrect.”

“I wasn’t.  Can I borrow your caffeine gnomes?”




21 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Autocorrect)

  1. No coffee for me yet this a.m. So great…now my brains gonna burst trying to figure out the autocorrect…

  2. Haha! This is hilarious! I love the little gnome thing you’ve inserted into the story. ““If you’re going to sext,” Viv said, “turn off your autocorrect.” That line is priceless. lol

  3. I’m not sure what she thought he was texting either, but it didn’t stop me from chuckling. Loved the snippet. Great photo of the gnomes. Must be the rebels of the gnome world. (hee hee)

  4. Did she maybe think gnomes was supposed to be something else??? You have us all wondering, which is fun but I wonder if pondering that will take the book reader out of the story flow? It’s a cute CUTE moment though. Terrific snippet!

  5. You had me at the picture! Fabulous! Today happens to be the SF Pride Parade–If I were part of the Dykes on Bikes contingent, I’d make sure to have one of those gnomes on my ride with me! 😀

    And the snippet was hilarious, too, btw. I don’t think it matters what she thought gnomes was an autocorrect of.

  6. That picture is amazing. Those gnomes don’t look like headaches are what they bring, though. 😉

    You know something’s going to happen when someone calls in response to a text (that isn’t ‘call me,’ of course.)

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