Weekend Writing Warriors: The Anti-Cupids (Drawing Board)

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This is the third part of the gnome scene I started sharing two Sundays ago.

It’s not the final part of the scene, but it’s probably the last part of The Anti-Cupids I’ll be sharing during these Sundays—your feedback has been wonderful, but I don’t want to give everything away!

I’m skipping a few sentences from last week, during which Jack puts Viv on speaker and sets the phone down on Dennis’s drafting table.

You may think I’ve used creative punctuation in this to fit the sentence limit, but that would be giving me too much credit; much to my embarrassment, that fifth sentence appears exactly as it is in my MS.

Sigh . . .

A Conversation


“Hi, Dennis,” Viv said, her voice tinny, but clear. “I don’t know what’s going on, either.”

“Viv, describe the gnomes—Dennis, draw ’em.”

“I’m drawing what now?” Dennis asked.

“Caffeine Gnomes,” Jack said, “marching with drums through your tired brain, demanding tribute or they’ll fire up the bagpipes—while you’re appeasing them, please yourself at JavaNation, ” he added, frowning, “but that sucks, so stick with the images for now—and just for laughs, put ’em into the McAllister tartan.”

Dennis stared at him for a second.  Then he picked up his beloved mock ups, slung them at the nearest table, and grabbed his favorite charcoal pencil.

“Fire when ready,” he said, grinning .


The McAllister’s, if you’ll recall, are the owners of JavaNation and have, so far, been impossible to please.

I’m personally picturing a combination of this and the last panel of this. The Nac Mac Feegles may not be gnomes—they’re pictsies—but they aren’t about a noise-based protection racket (pun totally intended), and that coffee cup in Dave Kellet’s drawing is perfect.

We’ll see how the McAllister’s like it.