My friend Mike Allegra has made my entire week, if not longer.

I have been nagging begging pleading asking subtly suggesting that he draw me a duck in a fedora for almost as long as I’ve known him, give or take a couple of minutes.

Look what he drew for me:


That tie! That hat! That mug!  That other mug!

This hard-boiled private duck is just what I needed to counteract self-doubt and the beginning of a stress-packed week.  And if he can’t inspire me to crazy new word counts, I don’t know what would.

Thanks, Mike.


15 thoughts on “Duck!

  1. Not only did you get a duck in a fedora, but with a GUN! Not just any gun even, a freshly fired .38 with a wooden grip, pretty retro! Matches perfectly with the fedora, the smart fresh tie, the coffee and the cigarette. This duck…he is a styin!

  2. I knew that was your duck! I was going to email you to look at Mike’s post until I remembered I found him because of seeing him here. It’s getting a bit meta in these here parts…

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