Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Turner)

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When last we left them, our P.I. hero was pinning a homicidal werewolf to the floor of his office with a knee and a forty-five.  He’s just asked the wolf who sent him.

Did I mention that Tom has a partner?  He does.



“Your brother’s keeper.”

“Not possible.” Bryan had a hard-wired problem with authority and a deep-rooted aversion to pack politics; his job involved a lot of travel and he never settled down anywhere long enough to need more than temporary permission from the locals.

A whistle sounded through the door before it opened, so I stayed where I was. “Now, there’s something you don’t see every day,” Turner said, shutting the door behind him. He paused. “Oh, wait.”

Turner was often fatal, but no one would call him femme and lipstick wasn’t his style; under the circumstances, I didn’t mind.


I added a couple of semicolons to I could get in the last lines(s).  Which sound a bit random unless you’ve read the first paragraph of the chapter—Tom apparently likes to riff off past dialogue, which works a lot better if it’s read all at once.



37 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Turner)

  1. 1st reaction: wut?
    Then read where you said to check out the previous entry.
    Okay, got it, like it. And hell yeah, this is what it would be like as a real Private Investigator. Only with fewer werewolves. But the B.O. and dearth of femme fatales? Yeah.
    Good eight

      • Hahahahahha! I think I’m going to have to sketch one for you now. Or at least write you a butterpig-themed haiku.

        If you’re firm from the outset they can certainly be taught. They are very intelligent, and ready to please (the amalgamated attributes of pigs and butter).

        If left to their own devices outdoors, they’re like an infinite powersource; they kind-of clean up after themselves, given that they only poop premium, ready-made mushroom compost, and their second favourite things to eat (after coke and artichokes) are mushrooms.

        • Better a haiku than a limerick, under the circumstances.

          I’ve never found butter to be particularly intelligent, myself, nor pigs easily influenced—or did you mean the other way ’round?

          And wow!

  2. Turner sounds like he’s gonna be fun! But no lipstick? maybe just a smidge : ) Always love visiting this blog!

  3. This world is amazing and I love it. I clicked back on the link to the first snippet and mainlined them all- couldn’t stop, and don’t want to now.

    BTW, I’m officially shipping Tom and Turner now, lipstick or no. 😉

    • Thanks, Charley. 🙂

      The way it’s being written at the moment, Turner has a thing for Tom’s sister, but I haven’t quite figured out Tom, yet. So who knows? 😉

    • Pack politics and pecking orders, Carrie-Anne.

      I’m doing a lot of research on this stuff. Swans are actually like those nasty high school cliques—it’s awesome. 😀

  4. I like the ‘safe signal’ they use, so Tom knows not to shoot whoever is coming through the door. I already see the problem with his “not possible.” Just because being left alone is what Bryan wants, doesn’t mean it’s what the packs want from Bryan. Two-natured politics: extra violent!

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