Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Fatal Femme)

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When this goes live, I’ll be snoring away in a hotel room in Indianapolis, where a group of online writer friends who met over at Betsy Lerner’s place are converging  for some Real Life Face Time™  over a too-short weekend.

Depending on traffic and my level of sleep deprivation, I probably won’t be able to make the warrior/snippet rounds until late tonight or tomorrow.  But I promise I’ll get there!

(I’m going to try to get my phone to add a link to the Snippet Sunday Facebook post—if it doesn’t show by the time this goes live, could one of you wonderful people help me out?  Thank you!)

Coffee Wont Cut it


Last week, Turner pitched a werewolf out of the fifth floor window—because dragging a kneecapped, leather-cuffed thug down all those stairs is bothersome and explaining (or not) to the other people in the elevator would be . . . yeah—just as the Talbot City Police, or at least the division that covertly handles inter-species crowd control, arrives to take custody.

There’s something about Kyle that brings out the really long sentences eloquence in Tom . . .


A fist pounded twice on the door and Sergeant Janet Kyle stomped in, five foot seven inches of ex-Army badass cop, and the first person all morning who might have qualified as a femme fatale—except I’d never seen her in a dress, and she didn’t need saving from anyone but these two idiots from her former platoon who kept calling her in to clean up their mess.

She was carrying the arm restraints and wearing an expression that said we were going to pay for every single person who saw her holding a set of custom, studded leather BSDM playware—and not in a fun way. She slung them at me and I caught them, the silver biting cold against my palm.

“You’re lucky I’m not using these on you,” she said, in a tone that dared us to take it the wrong way.

Turner coughed into his fist as I wiped my mind of all spontaneous mental images.

“It was him or me, L.T.,” I said.

She crossed her arms. “Then how come Turner was the only one I saw leaning out the damned window?”


Thus ends the last of the femme fatale references Tom will be making, at least in this chapter.

Question:  solely from the above bit, is it clear that Kyle is a police Sergeant now, but was Tom and Turner’s Lieutenant in the Army?




Image borrowed from a tee shirt available from CafePress.


52 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Fatal Femme)

  1. First, I gotta get my wife a tube of lipstick like that. It would go well with her pink AK-47 (she really has one!)
    Next, this line got my attention, ” the silver biting cold against my palm.”
    Nice writing.

  2. I understood she’d been in the army, and now is a cop, but not that they were in the army together. Maybe earlier snippets told me that and I’d make the connection if I was reading it connected. Gotta be a moderator here for a moment…all your out of townishness and excitement messed you up this week…there’s no backlink to WeWriWa, or I’m up too early without coffee and I didn’t see it : )

    • Oh my god Sarah, it’s all me and not having coffee…blush. Looked at the top of the page again and saw it, now I’m laughing at myself. You can laugh too if you want : ) C’mon that’ll make me feel better, cause you’ll be laughing with me, not at me. Ha.

      • No worries, Millie! 🙂

        Well, to be honest, you should have seen me worry after I saw your comment—I couldn’t figure out why I could see it, assumed it was because I was logged in, and did all sorts of things trying to figure out how I’d managed to make it invisible. All on a new phone I don’t know how to operate, yet! I finally mustered the brains to ask a friend to check, and she said she saw it . . . and then I received your second comment. Whew! 😀

  3. Tom’s answer: “Because we both wouldn’t fit.” (in the window.)

    I got that she had been their commanding officer in the Army but not what her rank was.

    And I love everything about this snippet.

    • They aren’t that small—stiff leather. ‘Sides, it’s funny. 🙂

      Think of her as a mother who catches one of her kids breaking a lamp, but knows the other one probably started the chain of events that resulted in the breakage. 😀

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