A Box of Dragons

We moved into our house when Sunny, who is seven—“and a half, Mom!”— was still being toted around in her pumpkin seat.

Unless this is the first post you’ve read around here, it should come as no surprise that we aren’t quite unpacked, yet. We’re so used to that stack of boxes in the corner of the dining room that they’ve effectively become an extension of the sideboard, and don’t get me started on the garage, because if I complain, I might be forced to do something about it, and I don’t want to.

The kids view the garage boxes as challenges on their personal game show Awesome or Junk? in which the contestants unpack cartons with energetic abandon, scattering the packing materials for extra points, before picking over the contents for things to add to their personal hoards, and abandoning the mess for the stagehands to clean up.

I don’t like that show very much, even when nothing else is on.

But this weekend, Jane—who has just reached the Fantasy Novels Are All That stage in her development—noticed one of the boxes out there had the word DRAGONS written on it.

“Like, dragon dragons?” she asked, her eyes shining.

“Figurines,” I said. “Little statues and things. And some other stuff. I used to collect them.”

“COOL. Can we open it?”

“I’m not sure—”

“Please, Mommy?” Sunny said.  “I want to see the dragons, too!”

“But they’re safe where they are,” I said, “and I don’t really want to repack every—”

“Did you know,” Jane said, “there’s a set of dragon statues in the museum gift shop?  They’re so, so awesome.”

“That’s nice, but—“

“The big one is like a hundred and twenty dollars, but the small one is only eighty. I thought maybe for my birthday?”

“Go get the box.”

If there is any doubt that dragons are magical creatures, please consider that a single average-sized book carton produced twenty-four of them.


There were elegant dragons:

Red Dragon


 Metal dragons (and one fabric art dragon, a cute clay one, and an elephant):

Janes Dragons


Two Dragons


Pocket Dragons®:

Pocket Squad


Stuffed dragons:

Sunnys Dragons


A shelf dragon:

Hangin Dragon


Two badly photographed wearable dragonistas (the fur one is a puppet with a remote controlled head):



Aaaaand two wooden dragons—one flat Celtic brooch and a winged South American winged one meant to hang over a cradle to give the baby nightmares protect the baby against evil spirits—that I forgot to photograph this morning when I realized I needed a blog post.

But that’s not all.

In that same box, we found:

Two cats from Peru and Japan:

Peru Cat

Japanese Cat


Assorted Mice:




Some old writing buddies:

Goat Dude

Goat Dude

Worm Guy

Worm Guy

Derpy McTurtleson

“Derpy McTurtleson!” Jane said.


A grumpy-faced composer:



And gnomes.


Because gnomes have happened to me all my life, that’s why.

There were also a frog, a turtle, and a lion carved out of tiger’s eye that I couldn’t photograph well enough to share. And, of course, that metal elephant bank up there somewhere that was part, I believe, of my christening set.


It must have been magic, because I don’t remember fitting it all in there—or being such an efficient packer.

We really need to save that box . . .

After I told the kids the stories behind each one—I won’t bore you, unless asked—we divvied up the spoils and distributed the prizes around the house, as artistically as possible.

I guess Awesome or Junk? isn’t that bad a game after all.

But don’t tell the kids about the other DRAGON box I stashed around somewhere.

It’s getting crowded around here.



17 thoughts on “A Box of Dragons

  1. I have that same M. Pena mouse–and a bunch of dragons, some ki-rin, unicorns, griffins, and a pegasus–because I haven’t outgrown my fantasy-novels-are-all-that phase yet.

    Sounds like Awesome of Junk is a way to motivate you to unpack, one box at a time. 😉

    • The mouse was a gift—I don’t think I have any more Pena stuff, though there is that other box.

      I haven’t outgrown that phase, either—I probably never will. 🙂

      And I dunno . . . it really is mostly junk. 😀

      • You should check her stuff out–it’s Windstone Editions, and she has some amazing dragons. Just don’t show the kids, or you might end up with one!

        It’d be sad to outgrow dragons and unicorns and magic, anyway.

        No, it’s all stuff you might need someday, right? 😉 Otherwise you have no excuse for all those boxes…

  2. I love that you have a dragon box. The last time my kids got that excited was when they found a box of cassette tapes and two working Walkmans. Quiet Riot, Bruce Springsteen, Men at Work, Rob Base…a hundred tapes so random. Clearly a collection of a mental health patient.

  3. I think I have that goat. Only one of the horns is broken. It was some sort of joke that got passed around between friends in high school, and somehow I ended up with it. You mustn’t feel badly about having unpacked boxes. We still have some from when I graduated college (MANY years ago). It just means you haven’t “settled down” (alternate translation: gotten old).

    • I love my goat. 🙂

      I may never settle down, especially if it means dealing with seventy-three plastic tumblers from various pre-marriage pizza places!

      • If I remember correctly, our goat had something to do with the definition of an orgy.
        Our family does a white elephant thing at Christmas. One year, I wrapped up a “set” of 12 coffee mugs (which didn’t even begin to put a dent in our collection.)

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