Random Thursday: Matters of Taste

 It’s random.  It’s Thursday.  It’s Random Thursday!

I’m blaming the blood moon.

What’s your excuse?


I have one question . . .


But I’m afraid to ask it.



A house was recently put up for sale in Middlesex.

This wouldn’t be particularly interesting, if it weren’t for the seller’s favorite color.

They really like purple.

Purple Living Room




Purple Bath

There’s nothing wrong with this, of course.

Color obsession isn’t a moral failing, and at least the shades aren’t fighting each other.*

I do have to wonder, though, looking at the rest of the house,
whether this is actually a case of one ex-spouse saying,
“Yes, fine, I’ll pay for the staging of the house, but I get 75% of the profit after the sale.”

And the other spouse just smiling in agreement,
while pictures of purple sugarplums and “Price Reduced” signs
dance in his or her head.



Until I see these guys in concert!

I can’t wait, Dee!



  No, Mr. Bond . . . .

Skull chair

I expect you to SIT.

Yes, I know this chair is more Blofeld’s style than Goldfinger’s
but I couldn’t bring myself to think about allowing
a long-haired white cat
in the same room with that upholstery.

 Talk about a view to a kill . . .


Khövsgö Lake

Youri DeFrance (aka Youri Blow) is a musician and song writer who plays a variety of instruments.

Including all parts of his voice box.

Remarquablement . . . convaincant, non?


*I confess that I’m just a tad little disturbed by the shag rug bathtub . . .  And the leather bowl chair next to it.  I’m not judging . . . but I’m thinking.


10 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Matters of Taste

  1. I bet those shoes snag on *everything.*

    There’s carpet on the side of the sink, too! Who even does that anymore? I wonder why someone didn’t at least tell the seller to bring in some neutral paint, curtains, pillows, etc. It’d still be purple, but it wouldn’t be purple!!!

    • I expect “snag” = “bite down on”, catlin. By themselves.

      I have no idea, but I’d like to think that the perfect buyer for that house is out there somewhere. S/he’s probably colorblind—or soon will be—but s/he will call this perfect purple palace home . . .

  2. Those shoes look painful on all levels. I’m trying to imagine the matching outfit.
    Squee! It’s coming soon. BTW last weekend, gas was $2.99 in DSM. I may be going down tomorrow, and will check the price again if I do. It’s usually ten cents or more cheaper there than here.

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