Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Cleaning Up)

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Between last week’s snippet and this, Sergeant Janet Kyle of the Talbot City Police left Tom Mahon’s detective agency to cart away the werewolf assassin (which is too refined a word for him, if you ask me) whom Tom shot multiple times (and cuffed in healing-retardant silver) during the course of the first chapter and whom his partner, Turner, tossed out of a fifth story window (in order to avoid  nosy neighbors in the elevator—mostly).

I skipped a little banter among Kyle, Tom, and Turner that didn’t readily fit into the eight sentence limit.

I’m mentioning  all this so you won’t have to go back and read through all the Sundays from here to make sense of the sentences below—though you’re certainly welcome to!


“She thinks you’re trainable,” Turner said. “That’s a step up.  So, where do we start?”

“With the floors, before the blood sets,” I said absently, “and it’s your turn.”

“You made the mess,” he said.

“Not on the pavement, I didn’t.”

“Forecast says rain tonight.”

I sighed and went to get the mop.


Thus endeth chapter one.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue sharing bits from this particular WIP; this seems like a good enough place to stop and I’m leery of sharing too much.

I may be taking the month of November off anyway to do Nanowrimo (or maybe a half-Nano) but I haven’t decided anything for certain.

For those of you who are doing Nano—are you going to keep up your Sunday snippets as well?

Should we maybe try a NanoSnippet November?


And while we’re figuring that out:

A good friend of mine is a member of The Hamilton Writers Guild
(that’s Hamilton, Ohio)
and she asked me to mention their annual Harvest Gold General Fiction Writing Contest.

All fees go to the prizes
and no Hamilton Writer’s Guild members past or present can enter.

It’s absolutely legitimate and at 2000 words,
absolutely doable for most of us, within the extended November 24th deadline—
even for Nano-ers!

Take a look below and if you have any questions, click the image (or here) for the Writers Guild website.

HWG Harvest Gold Contest November 201410222014_0000

(Thanks for the heads-up, Terry!)


45 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Cleaning Up)

  1. You always have such fun dialogue.

    I’ve never officially done NaNo, but I’ve started a few books during November in recent years. Given how long my typical book is, they weren’t done within the month. This November I may finally turn back to my long-hiatused alternative history, with an almost-complete reworking, in addition to finishing my massive WIP.

  2. And no one will notice the blood until it rains, of course…

    I’m doing NaNo for the second time, and I plan to keep up with WeWriWa, too. Though probably at a slower pace. Posting a few 8s from your draft might be fun.

  3. Those two… I know it’s not that kind of story, but I can’t help shipping those two. Their chemistry is off the charts. 🙂

    Break a leg w/NaNo! I’ve done it three times and loved every minute of it, but with work and my Dec. 1 deadline I can’t commit this year. I hope if you don’t have time to snippet you’ll be around for crit. But I hope you’ll have time to snippet with us.

    • Maybe the next one, Charley! 😀

      I’ll never miss a Sunday snippetcrit if I can help, it, but we’ll see how it goes about posting. Aaaand it looks like I’ve decided without noticing . . . shoot. 🙂

  4. haha… I love the banter here. Most ‘normal’ people would be somewhat put off at the idea of having to mop up quantities of blood. Just another day at the office for these two. The sheer normality of their banter in this scene tells us much! Great snippet!

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