Weekend Writing Warriors: Nanowrimo Sunday #2

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I survived the first full week of National Novel Writing Month!

At the scheduling of this post, I have 13,487 more words of Odd Duck than I did when I started, some of which I might actually keep once National Novel Editing Month rolls around.

Regardless, I’m sharing eight sentences (edited slightly both to fit the limit and because I ditched the delusion of first draft perfection a while ago) from this week’s output, which introduces Grant, who does occasional, semi-legal computer hacking for Tom.

Grant’s place—the whole third floor of a building with Fort Knox-level electronic security—is a huge open space full of painted silk partitions he uses to make an ever-changing warren maze.  Just go with it:

Jack Rabbit Camo

“Grant?” I hollered.

“I’m in my office!” he hollered back.

“Can you give me a hint?”

“Head north—the green path.”

A few of the screens looked more green than the others, so I followed them until I finally worked my way to Grant and his computers, which had been set up in the northeast corner.

“Hey, Grant,” I said.  “How’s tricks?”

“For kids,” he said, glancing up at me.


Like Tom, Grant is ex-Army (a tech, not a sniper) and was in Lieutenant Kyle’s platoon.  He’s a computer genius, something of a weapons expert, and, thanks to their little adventure in Afghanistan, a severe agoraphobe whose PTSD has been impeding his ability to change into his other form.

It’s difficult to use firearms with paws, you see.

I don’t know if I’m keeping Grant; I can’t add every animal to the list of weres without losing sight of the book I intend to write.  But this is Nanofodder, and if nothing else, I’m learning a bit more about how this world might seem to non-predators.

Nanoedmo is gonna be a hoot, though.

I’ll try to visit everyone today, but if I’m a little late, please forgive me.  I have a wordmeter to feed!


Image “jack rabbit camouflage” taken by the very talented Devra, located via Flickr and shared under a Creative Commons license.