Weekend Writing Warriors: Nanowrimo Sunday #2

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I survived the first full week of National Novel Writing Month!

At the scheduling of this post, I have 13,487 more words of Odd Duck than I did when I started, some of which I might actually keep once National Novel Editing Month rolls around.

Regardless, I’m sharing eight sentences (edited slightly both to fit the limit and because I ditched the delusion of first draft perfection a while ago) from this week’s output, which introduces Grant, who does occasional, semi-legal computer hacking for Tom.

Grant’s place—the whole third floor of a building with Fort Knox-level electronic security—is a huge open space full of painted silk partitions he uses to make an ever-changing warren maze.  Just go with it:

Jack Rabbit Camo

“Grant?” I hollered.

“I’m in my office!” he hollered back.

“Can you give me a hint?”

“Head north—the green path.”

A few of the screens looked more green than the others, so I followed them until I finally worked my way to Grant and his computers, which had been set up in the northeast corner.

“Hey, Grant,” I said.  “How’s tricks?”

“For kids,” he said, glancing up at me.


Like Tom, Grant is ex-Army (a tech, not a sniper) and was in Lieutenant Kyle’s platoon.  He’s a computer genius, something of a weapons expert, and, thanks to their little adventure in Afghanistan, a severe agoraphobe whose PTSD has been impeding his ability to change into his other form.

It’s difficult to use firearms with paws, you see.

I don’t know if I’m keeping Grant; I can’t add every animal to the list of weres without losing sight of the book I intend to write.  But this is Nanofodder, and if nothing else, I’m learning a bit more about how this world might seem to non-predators.

Nanoedmo is gonna be a hoot, though.

I’ll try to visit everyone today, but if I’m a little late, please forgive me.  I have a wordmeter to feed!


Image “jack rabbit camouflage” taken by the very talented Devra, located via Flickr and shared under a Creative Commons license.


55 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Nanowrimo Sunday #2

    • It’s amazing what your subconscious will come up with when you have six hundred words left to do for the day! 😀

      Thanks, Teresa. And, you’re welcome! 🙂

    • Thanks, Joanne!

      I have three piles of Nanostuff now—one is made of semi-organized stapled, labeled pages in order that they might appear, the second is labeled “Salvage” . . . and the other is on top of the shredder. But crap words still count towards the daily total! 😀

    • Yes, of course! 😀

      I think he probably does need his own story. I’m starting to get a visual, and that means my brain has adopted him (he’s starting to look like an overtired Fran Krantz . . . which isn’t what I would have imagined I’d imagine . . . )

  1. Ooh, were-bunny. 🙂

    For some reason, “hollered back” makes me think of “hollaback girl,” but I’m pretty sure this is just me. As I now have it running through my head, I thought I’d share the joy, though.

    The idea of the maze making him feel safe in his den is an interesting one–I hope he gets to stay when the cutting happens!

    • Cool! Thanks!

      Let’s see . . . I started with wolves, swans, a bear, a tiger, a whatever Tom’s (adoptive) mother is that I can’t quite suss (she’s something equine, maybe), and our hero the duck.

      The rabbit hacker and the lion pub-owner (and his bouncer sons the ligers) were a bit of a surprise to me, but I may not be keeping them in this story.

      I have also a weresnake pole dancer (the lights wouldn’t bother them) in the back of my brain, for which I completely blame Katy Perry’s “E.T.”, but Not In This Story. I’m having a hard enough time figuring out the biological idiosyncrasies of birds (mammals are a bit easier, ’cause I is one) without throwing the cold-blooded into the mix!

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