Happy Thanksgiving

May all who celebrate Thanksgiving today
Find that they DO have all the necessary ingredients for whatever they’ve decided to serve,
(may we be grateful for having the privilege and means to be able to choose what to eat
and help those who do not)
Find it in themselves to cope with the traditional family arguments and dysfunctional dynamics,
(may we be grateful for those we can lean on in times of trial and total frustration
and be such a person to others)
And easily find the lids that match the containers they have just filled with leftovers
(may we be grateful that we have enough and more than enough
and may we share our fortune with those who do not).

Happy Thanksgiving

(may we extend it indefinitely)


(And may the membership of the
Turkey Voluntary Extinction Movement
hold steady until they come to their senses,
for I’m sure they know not what they do.
Just sayin’.)


6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Fantastic post! I’d post one on my blog, but it wouldn’t be as eloquent as the ones I’ve read so far today. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I’m breaking with tradition today and not visiting my mom (because I saw her Tuesday and my cab driver friend is taking a much-needed day off so I can’t get there), eating my turkey dinner at a different time than I usually do and spending the day with my characters and my cat. Hopefully “doing the opposite” means the rest of the holidays will be better.

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