Quarantined Until Further Naps, I mean, Notice

We’re not even one month in, yet, and 2015 has already gone viral.

Two Saturdays ago, poor Sunny went uncharacteristically lethargic, lost her dinner,* and spent Sunday sleeping.

That evening, Jane experienced a non-triggered panic attack. I know that’s not a virus, but the symptoms looked a lot like sudden-onset pneumonia, especially with her history of bronchial mishegaas, so my husband took her to the hospital, where she was given a Xanax and several tests to make sure her heart and lung were clear, which they were.

On Monday, she fell asleep in the middle of math class—in the middle of giving an answer in math class, according to the school—and came home to sleep off the residual effects of the adrenaline spike and/or benzodiazepine.

I had a blinding sinus headache on Wednesday, but powered through on Advil, caffeine, and hope until all three gave up on me around lunch on Thursday.

We enjoyed a day and a half of relative good health.

Then on Saturday, Sunny developed a mild fever after swim class and voluntarily slept through the day. She went downhill on Sunday—her fever hit 103F just as the medical clinics closed—and started bark-coughing between refusing to eat anything “scratchy” and complaining that her empty tummy hurt.

She and I spent a miserable night—she trying to breathe, me making sure she didn’t stop—and when she woke up Monday, she swallowed twice, tried to say “ouch!” and burst into tears. So instead of spending our day off at the museum (or writing), I took her to the pediatrician. He said she had nothing more dire than a severe sore throat and gave her a prescription for steroids to soothe the throat swelling.We also went the homeopathic route with chocolate pudding, Gatorade, and the final two episodes of The Librarians.Unfortunately, either the steroids or the chocolate made Sunny just a tad manic, so none of us could catch up on some much-needed sleep.

We all went to bed last night—from my text history, I was asleep an hour or two before I hit the pillow—hoping that the Time of the Virus was finally behind us . . .

. . . and then, about ten-thirty, Jane threw up.

If this continues, it’s going to be an interesting year.

How’s YOUR health?


* I cannot overemphasize the sincere joy of having children old enough, and savvy enough, to clamp their own hands over their mouths and run for the nearest acceptable receptacle.  It’s right up there with pitching out the last plastic potty and retiring the diaper bag.


14 thoughts on “Quarantined Until Further Naps, I mean, Notice

  1. Having spent a large portion of last week in the room which, despite its name, is sorely lacking in the “rest” department, I came to work this week to find that 2 of my 3 employees simply failed to show up to work last week. 2015 is off to a GRAND start. Here’s to hoping everyone at your house gains all of the necessary healing points quickly.

  2. By the way, are you the Sarah who was asking questions about the ‘Librarians’ finale over at the Monkey? Can we talk about the pronunciation of ‘archivist’?

    • If we ever get enough healing points, I’ll lend you some, Dee—but I’m developing my own cough, so it might be a while…

      That wasn’t me—I didn’t even know John was posting over at the Monkey!!

      But for the record? It’s “AR-keh-vist” NOT “ar-KYE-vist”. I may have yelled at the TV a little.

  3. My deepest sympathy for the suffering of everyone. I remember with fondest distaste similar incidents in the past at our house. I hope time has erased them from your memory.

    • Thanks. I sneezed eight times in an hour today, but I don’t know if I’m coming down with something or I’m allergic to my new hand lotion . . . 😛

      I don’t think there’s enough time in the world to erase all those memories, Dad.

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