A Little Duckwork


Behold, the first typed draft of Odd Duck.

It’s not an unholy mess, if only because I haven’t started cursing it, yet.  But as I wrote a lot of it in random pieces very, very quickly instead of chronologically in a thoughtful manner, there’s some organization to be done.

An alternate scene or two that could have happened, if I hadn’t suddenly decided on a different path, need to be yanked out and stripped down for spare parts.  Some scenes are cool, but belong to a different book and some are necessary but maaaybe not as cool as I’d like. It’s possible some aren’t written yet, and a couple crossed the time streams and belong both before and after their less wibbily-wobbly neighbors because my imagination is a secret Time Lord  a Möbius strip  a place of wonder and mystery  needs a new memory chip was working a few things out as we went.

I also have to replace all those placer X‘s and fly-by, bracketed [FIND OUT THIS LATER NOTES] with proper names and actual research—incidentally, anyone remember which episode of CSI—or was it Law & Order—traced the murderer through cell phone towers and CCTV?  No reason, just curious.

Yesterday, I printed everything out and shuffled all the scenes into an approximation of order—it took two tables, a stapler refill, and a few purple post-its.

The next step, I think, is to write out a outline-summary of what needs to happen and when.

As I mentioned to a snowed-in friend yesterday (Hey, indy—is the dog buried, yet?), I attempt to outline like I’m telling someone the entire plot of a movie over a single lunch break and am trying to keep them from running away or snoring into their fettucine.

We’ll see how it goes.



14 thoughts on “A Little Duckwork

  1. Congrats! Such a great feeling! 💃🍸

    The organization phase is quite enjoyable, I’ve found, and it seems your idea of an outline is similar to mine. Can’t wait to read it!

    • Thanks, Christina (and now you’re just showing off with those emotithingies 🙂 )!

      I hope you’re right—this isn’t my first revision rodeo, but I’m trying something different this time. 🙂

      • 📕📗📘📙You’re right- I’m no longer able to speak like a normal person. 👽

        Anyway, I must say I’m a bit intimidated by your pile of paper. If I printed mine on actual paper, I’d probably freak out and never come back. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do this at all without Scrivener.

        • 8)

          Even if I had Scrivener—and I’m thinking about it—I need to literally cut and paste and post-it note this one. It’s Frankenovel!

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