Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Keys)

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Hey!  It’s my 100th Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors!  Woot!

Toy Balloons

To celebrate, I’m finally allowing our wereduck PI hero Tom and femme fatale-wannabe Leda Swanson to leave the Poisson d’Or, where they’ve been having cranky, stilted, multi-level conversation over pricey French cuisine for what seems like several months of Sundays.

Tom, however, has a soft spot when it comes to troubled women.

It’s probably in his brain.


“Thank you for not being angry with me.”

I held a two-second internal debate and took out one of my business cards. “Call me if I can help you with those problems you don’t have,” I said, handing it over.

She put it in her handbag and pulled out her valet ticket. “Thank you.”

“Sure,” I said, plucking the ticket out of her fingers. “Hey, Eddie,” I said, handing it over, “pick out a nice car for the lady.”

“Of course,” he said, jogging off.


Y’all remember Eddie, right?  I still don’t know if he’s human or not . . .

I edited by candlelight for a while this week, because Winter.  I managed to get a substantial amount done—let’s hear it for radio/Wifi silence—though when the power came on, I was surprised to see that all my notes were in purple ink.

It’s the little things . . .


Hey!  It’s my 100th Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors!  Woot!

Toy Balloons