Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Keys)

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Hey!  It’s my 100th Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors!  Woot!

Toy Balloons

To celebrate, I’m finally allowing our wereduck PI hero Tom and femme fatale-wannabe Leda Swanson to leave the Poisson d’Or, where they’ve been having cranky, stilted, multi-level conversation over pricey French cuisine for what seems like several months of Sundays.

Tom, however, has a soft spot when it comes to troubled women.

It’s probably in his brain.


“Thank you for not being angry with me.”

I held a two-second internal debate and took out one of my business cards. “Call me if I can help you with those problems you don’t have,” I said, handing it over.

She put it in her handbag and pulled out her valet ticket. “Thank you.”

“Sure,” I said, plucking the ticket out of her fingers. “Hey, Eddie,” I said, handing it over, “pick out a nice car for the lady.”

“Of course,” he said, jogging off.


Y’all remember Eddie, right?  I still don’t know if he’s human or not . . .

I edited by candlelight for a while this week, because Winter.  I managed to get a substantial amount done—let’s hear it for radio/Wifi silence—though when the power came on, I was surprised to see that all my notes were in purple ink.

It’s the little things . . .


Hey!  It’s my 100th Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors!  Woot!

Toy Balloons


42 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Keys)

    • I’m pretty sure Eddie could bring you any car you want, Paula, but since he’s there for reasons of his own, he probably won’t want to blow his cover so soon! 🙂

  1. I quite enjoyed their interaction. Very well done!

    Congrats on getting the power back on, and hope that the rest of the winter season goes smoothly for you. The weather everyone has been dealing with has been insane this year.

    That’s an awesome WeWriWa milestone!

    • Thanks, Jess!

      The scary part is that this isn’t even a record-breaking winter in terms of temperature and snow—in terms of depression and SAD, maybe . . .

      I was shocked—that’s nearly two years! 🙂

    • Tom sort of built himself, Teresa, but thanks!

      Crude? I’ll have you know that it’s a purple fountain pen with a real nib, thank you. I have three and thought I’d picked up the blue one. 😀

      Thank you! I’ve made so many awesome, supportive friends! 🙂

    • Thanks, Charmaine!

      I know a lot of people signed up around the time I did, so we’re all probably due a pat on the back and a box of truffles—only reason I noticed at all is that I number mine to keep track. 😀

    • She probably would, but Tom’s a friend of Eddie’s—and Eddie doesn’t want to blow his cover, yet (Eddie may only have three lines in this whole book, but he has a rich off-page life 😉 )!

    • Thanks, Tina! 🙂

      It’s a lovely royal purple—no sparkles! 😀

      Winter can die. I know it’s an important part of nature’s cycle, blah, blah, blah, but seriously, death to it and all its wretched flaky minions!

    • Purple ink is awesome, though really, I just bought a pack of these pens and purple was the bonus color! 🙂

      Tom is a sap, but at least he’s a self-aware sap.Thank you, Veronica! 😀

  2. I’m curious to know what kind of car she’ll be getting. One thing struck me, though: “Sure,” I said, plucking the ticket out of her fingers. “Hey, Eddie,” I said, handing it over, “pick out a nice car for the lady.”
    I don’t think you need “I said” after the Hey Eddie bit. It seems like repetition. Perhaps, writing “I handed it over to Eddie. “Hey pick out a nice car for the lady, will ya?”

    Something like that, but that’s just me.

    Congrats on the milestone. I need to find out how many Sundays I’ve been doing W.W.W.

    • Maaaaybe. 😀

      Nothing at all—sometimes, unusual colors help me keep the words moving. I used to write my college papers in green felt tip on yellow legal pads. 🙂

  3. Like this line, “Call me if I can help you with those problems you don’t have,”
    Reminds me of the country music lyric, “Since my phone still ain’t ringing I assume it still ain’t you.”

    • Thanks, Chip!

      “And trying to explain while I’m insane is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do…”
      I love it! Might even be my theme song. 😀

  4. I really like the light-heartedness of this snippet and Tom’s sense of humor. Lol, I also had to wonder what car she would be driving out of there
    Kudos on the milestone! …and purple is my favorite color.

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