The ABC’s of Hedgehog and Frog (and Turtle)

My sixth-grader, Jane, has some great teachers this year.  One of them is working on their creative writing skills and hands out neat assignments like, say, writing 26-sentence alphabet stories where the first letters of the sentences run A-Z.

Jane likes these assignments because they’re fun and I like them because I get bragging rights on her work and also blog posts.

Here’s the story she wrote last week—she doesn’t want me to tell you that she giggled through the whole thing, but she did.  She also wanted me to edit it, but I didn’t.

The Party

©2015 by Jane Wesson


A hedgehog was taking a bath one day, because he had to go to a party.

But he had spines, so he couldn’t use bar soap.

“Could I use liquid soap?” he thought.Hedgehog_animals_and_you_LA_zoo

“Do I need to use soap?” he thought a little later, pulling the plastic bottle off his spines.

“Everybody will be ready for the party soon, so I’d better skip it,” he said, getting out of the tub.

Fidgeting with his bow tie, Hedgehog stepped out to meet his good friend Frog.

“Good evening, Frog,” Hedgehog said.

“Have you seen Turtle?” asked Frog.

“I thought he was going to walk over with you, even though he’s so slow,” Hedgehog said.Kaldari_box_turtle

Just then, Turtle came zooming by on roller skates, terrified in a tuxedo, and crashed into a bush.


Letting the skates go on their way, a very dizzy Turtle came out of the bush.

“Maybe we should take the car,” suggested Hedgehog.

“Nah, this’ll work,” said Frog.

“Oh no,” moaned Turtle, getting up from the ground and brushing the sand off his pants

“Projectile rocket boots, that’s it!” yelled Frog, running off.excellent-frog

“Quit it,” said Turtle, stopping him, “we’re taking the car.”

Rushing there, they made it to the party right before it started

Shall we?” asked Frog, stepping out.

Turtle nodded and got out, as did Hedgehog.

Vanilla_ice_cream_coneUnder Turtle’s umbrella, because it had started to rain, they went inside.

“Vanilla ice cream!” yelled Frog, running off.

“Wait here, I’ll go stop him,” said Turtle, walking off.

Xylophone music was playing and they all enjoyed themselves.

Yawning, because it was three in the morning, they went to the car, drove home, and fell into their beds.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . .


I may be biased—I know I am—but there’s good characterization in here. As Jane said, Frog has issues.

I hope she’ll use these friends again in future stories. I like them already.