Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Snack Time)

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When last we left him, Tom described one of the “retaining rooms” in the basement of Lowell Rhombeck, the leader of the Talbot City werewolf pack.

This week, we take a look at the room’s occupant.

Duck Pate

Travis Rendall was lounging on the bed, watching the TV embedded in the wall behind a clear pane of something that appeared to be reasonably werewolf-proof, despite the four diagonal furrows scratched across its surface.

I suspected Travis; he was wearing a thick, padlocked collar with silver studs around it and a red rash underneath.

“He’s been a bad boy,” Merrok said, tapping a series of numbers on the pad by the door. The TV shut off.

Travis turned his head to look at us. “Is it snack time already?” he asked, eying me.

His smile showed a mouthful of bad teeth but no fangs.  The silver was doing its job.


Don’t worry: no wereducks were harmed in the writing of this scene. Travis is just being his obnoxious self.


Hey, is anyone planning to go to Camp Nanowrimo next month?  Could I persuade you?  It’s a lot less intense than the National Novel Writing Month and an excellent excuse to eat S’mores at your desk.

Christina Ochs and I have set up a private cabin, which holds twelve and has its own on-call barista.  If you want to join us, drop me a Camp Message once you’ve signed up (I’m Sarah W over there, too) and I’ll send you an invitation (Christina, did you get yours?).

Cabin assignments will be given by the hosts in three days and Camp starts April first!

39 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Snack Time)

  1. Travis doesn’t seem to be too repentant…

    I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo — haven’t missed one yet. Standard 50k goal for camp, personal goal of 60k. Oh, and I’m doing NaPoWriMo too.

  2. Can you say unnerving! lol Great seen. I also love your disclaimer at the end. “Don’t worry: no wereducks were harmed in the writing of this scene. Travis is just being his obnoxious self.”– now I don’t have to worry. lol

  3. I like the use of “reasonably” to describe “werewolf-proof.” I suspect being werewolf-proof is like being toddler-proof. Give them long enough unattended, and they’ll break it somehow.

    • True enough, Caitlin, though werewolves know full well what will happen. 🙂

      I’m reminded of a joke: “We tried to baby proof the house, but darned if one didn’t get in anyway.” 😀

  4. Nicely detailed. Everything works together well to give me a good picture of the scene. The silver on the teeth thing really stood out to me.

  5. I love your opening description of the TV!

    I’m doing Camp NaNo for the first time, though I’m already in a cabin with my local writing group. After finishing an 891K first draft, it’s such a relief to edit and revise something that’s under 58K!

  6. Fabulous description and I love Travis’ comment on snack time;).
    I’ve just signed up for CampNaNo and am no somewhat terrified;). I’d love to join you and Christina, and will reach out once I’m registered. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you still have room and the barista works 24/7.

    • Awww, he’s really just a disenfranchised, misunderstood killer puppy who needs a flea bath and a couple of sessions with a rolled up newspaper (wrapped around a lead pipe, for preference).

      Thanks, Mike! 😀

    • It’s a more useful descriptor than you’d think, Jeff. 😀

      This s really a second look, but Tom was too busy the first time to notice his teeth, except as plentiful and pointy.

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