Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Double Dog Dare)

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When last we left him, our hero Tom—former army sniper, current PI, and born wereduck—was visiting stately Rhombeck manor, home of the leader of the Talbot City werewolf pack, in order to interrogate Travis Rendall, the west coast werewolf who attacked him in the first chapter.

Tom was led to the lower level “retaining rooms” by Merrok, the pack’s Seneschal and one lady who does not suffer fools.  At all.

She’s speaking first:



“I’ll wait in the rotunda; Press the red button if you need anything.”

“Thanks,” I said, carefully not watching her walk away.

Travis Rendall smirked. “That’s a fine piece of tail,” he said.

I raised an eyebrow. “I double dog dare you to say that without these bars in the way.”

He huffed in contempt.

“I smell you haven’t taken advantage of the showers, yet,” I said.


Tom has to suffer fools all the time, but that doesn’t mean he likes it.

I have no idea why I bothered to write “Travis Rendall” every single time his name comes up.  I’d like to say that I wasn’t sure whether Tom was going to call him Travis or Rendall, so I wrote it all out to make it easier to do a universal change later . . . but that’s giving me far too much credit.


I think there are four or five spot still open in the cabin Christina Ochs and I started over at Camp Nanowrimo.  Most of us are going to easy route with a monthly goal of 30,000 words (or in my case, 30 hours of editing), but you can set it as low as 10,000 words, which is only around 334 words a day.

Won’t you join us?