Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Desert Ducks)

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In order to avoid giving too much away, I’m skipping over . . . a lot, and landing on a conversation between werewolf pack leader Lowell Rhombeck, his administrative assistant, Susan, and our Tom.

They’re in the hospital (never mind why) waiting for Grant to get back to him with information (never mind what). Since Grant and Tom were part of the same Army unit, the conversation naturally turns in that direction:

Desert Duck Logo

“Why the Army?” Rhombeck asked. “I would think the Marines or the Navy would be a better fit.”

“Speciest,” I said, throwing down a random card. “I wanted full human immersion. So I wore a silver bracelet and signed up, knowing I would probably be sent to the Middle East. Last place anyone would look for someone like me.”

“What about the Desert Ducks?” Susan asked, picking up the card and turning it into a discouraging amount of points.

“Funny,” I said.


I ran up against the sentence limit before Tom can explain to Rhombeck who the Desert Ducks were, but I chose this bit because it gives a bit more of Tom’s background, so I’m hoping it won’t matter if you don’t get the joke.

If anyone is interested, the Desert Ducks were part of the Navy’s Helicopter Combat Support Squadron .  Based in Bahrain (the Persian Gulf) for thirty years, they provided logistic support to the Fifth Fleet  and ships assigned to the Arabian Gulf.

The Desert Ducks were notorious for “stamping the flight deck” just before they left a ship, using a three-foot device to leave large yellow duck footprints on  the flight deck.

If they were still in operation,  and Tom hadn’t decided he was Army all the way, he totally would have been this kind of Desert Duck.


In other news, I managed to hit my Camp Nanowrimo goal—our cabin blew away our collective target like whoa—and gladly used the generous reward discount to buy a copy of Scrivener.

I spent Friday evening going through the two-hour tutorial and have started plugging in my characters.  At the posting of this, I’m still color-coding the corkboard cards for species and haven’t quite worked out how to import Odd Duck.

If anyone has any special tips or tricks for this program, I’d be glad to hear ’em!