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Happy Mother’s Day
to anyone who has ever filled that role for someone who needed you.

Rose is


In honor of Mother’s Day and the raising of the sentence limit for Weekend Writing Warriors—woot!—I decided to share a bit that introduces Tala, a young, semi-feral werewolf.

Tala is under the care of Bryan, our wereduck hero Tom’s werewolf brother—and how is it my life that I can write that with a straight face?—and is meeting the Mahon family for the first time.

She’s confused about the dynamic of the family, which is mixed species, and is frankly baffled by Mrs. Mahon:


“That female,” she said jerking her head.

“Our mother,” Bryan said.

She shook her head and pointed to each of us in turn. “Wolf, human, tiger, bear—”

“Oh, my,” Jackie said, under her breath.

“But what is she?”

“While you’re here,” I said, stepping close, “She’s the one you’ll be giving your full attention and respect.”

“Tom,” Mom said. She nudged me out of the way and held out a hand towards Tala, at nose height. “You’re welcome here, if you want to be,” she said, “and we’ll do our best to keep you safe.”



I’ll confess that I’m a bit baffled by Tom’s mother, myself.

She’s not human, but I’m still not sure what flavor of were she is.  I was thinking of simply not mentioning it, but that seems like a cop out, since Tom mentions the species of the other important people in his life.  And I have a perfect place to do a reveal chapter, too, so that means  I’ll need to make a decision.

I know she’s not a bear, a wolf, a reptile, or a bird.   I’m also pretty sure she’s not a unicorn (sorry, Grace) . . .  I’m certain that there aren’t any other hidden forms of sentient life hanging around waiting to be introduced, so elves and vampires and faeries (oh, my) are out.

I’ve narrowed it to two possibilities, maybe three . . . or four . . .