Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Real Thing)

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This week’s snippet is about three pages after last week’s, since Our Wereduck Hero Tom Mahon and his brother Bryan the Werewolf need to have a discussion about plottish things, like the Big Bad Antagonist, who has been tracking Bryan across the country and also sent a killer werewolf after Tom in the first chapter of this book.

And, you know, why (Easy answer: to give my characters something to do).

They’re interrupted by a scream from the house;  it seems Tala, Bryan’s half-feral co-escapee from the Big Bad, has not instantly adjusted to life in the suburbs.

Not the boss crossstitch

“That’s Tala’s decision,” Bryan said, turning to her. “But you will be polite about refusing. And if you raise a claw to Mom or Jackie again—“ He frowned at Jackie, who closed her mouth. “I’ll have to make other arrangements for you.”

“You won’t send me away,” she said, the certainty in her voice competing with her clenched fists.

“I don’t want to send you away,” he said, “but I need to know you’ll be safe. This is the safest place I know.”

“Safe,” she said, her lip curling. “You say that like it’s a real thing.”


Teenagers are a universal thing, apparently.

I’m not actually sure how old Tala is (still shaking out the timeline) but most of of her years were pretty rough and she doesn’t expect this to change.

Which means she’s sort of earned that lip curl and my 12-year old, from whose (otherwise beautiful) face I stole it, has not.


Image is from Subversive Cross Stitch, which I highly recommend for all your subversive (and NSFW, depending, of course, on what your W is) cross stitch needs.