Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Prisons)

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This week, Tom, our wereduck hero, and his brother Bryan, the werewolf, are having a discussion about Bardulf, the Big Bad, and his nefarious plans, which include Bryan.

These plans may or may not include Tala, the young female werewolf who helped Bryan escape but who has subsequently failed to endear herself to Tom.

Some of what Bryan says is coming a bit too close to triggering Tom’s PTSD.

In this bit of their conversation, Tom has the first line:


“And you told him no.”

“I told him a lot of things,” Bryan said.  “No was most of them.”

“And Tala?”

He didn’t answer for a while. “You should see the conditions there, Tom. They’ve bought into his ideas about what wolves are supposed to be, but it’s all lies. I might be biased against packs, but that . . . that’s not a pack—it’s a cult, with Bardulf as their god. And the females . . . he says he’s teaching them the best of what wolves are, but he’s only showing them the worst of what humans are.”

A desert wind, gritty and warm, ghosted across my mind.


Tom’s reaction in the last line might seem disjointed, but it’s the first line of the next paragraph, so it does fit better into the general flow.  In short, reminders of captivity aren’t his favorite.

Can’t blame him, really . . .


Image is of the Ribbon from the Prisoner of War Medal issued by the U.S. Department of Defense.  This image is in the public domain.