Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (All Clear)

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Green Balloon


Last week, a flashback hit our wereduck hero Tom, offering a hint about what happened to his unit in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, he’s armed.

His friend Turner (who is also one of the few survivors from that unit), is talking him down.

Lawn Photo

I moved to get line of sight but he moved with me. “What are you—Grant is still—we have to—”

“Kyle got him out of there,” he said.  He’s safe, Donald; we’re all safe.”

Wolves,” I said, but the fog was starting to lift and the desert night slowly bloomed into green grass in the summer sun.

“Only two, both friendly.”

“You’re sure?” I asked, trying to remember why that last part didn’t ring true.

“Hey,” he said, lightly clasping my elbow, “I’m only human.”

That phrase was his all-clear, so I handed him the Glock, sank to my knees beside the overturned lawn chair, and practiced breathing for a couple minutes.


Thus endeth the panic attack.  Let the familial guilt begin!

Donald is a nickname, in case that confused anyone—Turner has used it in previous chapters and is using it here to get Tom to believe him.   The use of the all-clear phrases is also established earlier, when Tom speaks with Grant.

It’s really easy to double-check things like that in Scrivener, by the way.  Just saying.