Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Majors)

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I’m back from vacation and already saving for the next cruise, because whoa.

It was nice to unplug for a while—I left my laptop at home and took notebooks and pens, instead—but I’ve had some serious withdrawal pangs the last two Sundays.  I have a lot of reading to do to catch up!

If I remember correctly—and I do, ’cause I checked—the last shared bit of Odd Duck revealed that Lowell Rhombeck, the leader of the Talbot City werewolf pack and CEO of the pack corporation, and his human assistant Susan are pregnant.

Or Susan is, because this isn’t that kind of story.

For various reasons, Rhombeck has reacted by asking Our Wereduck Hero Tom to convince Tom’s werewolf brother Bryan (who is also Rhombeck’s cousin) to take over his position in the pack.

For different reasons, Susan and Tom think this is a dumb idea.


“So you’re abdicating?” I asked.

“No,” Susan said.

“Yes,” he said. “You know what it will be like,” he told her. “I can’t put you and our child through that.”

Throwing Bryan to the wolves didn’t seem fair, either. “You don’t have anyone else to take over?” I asked.

“It’s not that simple,” he said. “I wouldn’t put any of the other possible candidates in charge of both the corporation and the pack.”

“Bryan has a PhD in environmental studies,” I said, “not an MBA.”


Rhombeck’s motivations are next—if I can shared them in ten sentences next week, I will.

Meanwhile, does anyone know why four suitcases produced eight full loads of laundry, when all we bought were three tee-shirts and I accidentally left half my underwear on the ship?  Travel physics is weird . . .

34 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Odd Duck (Majors)

  1. Don’t they have a beta to take the place of the alpha? Can’t they fight it to decide? It seems that Rhombeck is trying to make things more complicated than they should be.

  2. We missed you Sara. Glad you had a grand time. The physics of laundry has it’s own realm of reality – well past the ‘quantum’ continuum. There is going to be a fair amount of trouble ahead, that is for sure. True Leadership is not usually (successfully) transferred …

    • Thanks, Kim! Chaos theory would explain all the orphaned socks . . . 😉

      Yeah, there’s going to be a struggle. If there wasn’t, this would be a shorter book! 😀

  3. “Throwing Bryan to the wolves didn’t seem fair, either. ”
    Perhaps you’re aware of my penchant for the double entendre, and
    considering the subject matter, that’s a GREAT line! LOL
    Nice 8!

  4. I’m glad you had such a great trip. Your post made me laugh:). Welcome back!
    Oh my! Abdication?! I did not see that coming and am looking forward to reading Rhombeck’s motivation.

  5. I’m wondering what ole Bryan is going to say. It’s really his business more than anyone else’s at this point. The twists and turns are never ending and always interesting! Glad the cruise was so much fun, laundry notwithstanding.

    • That’s Tom’s point, but everyone seems to think he has great influence over his brother–as an advisor or a hostage.

      Thanks, Veronica! Reading your Star Cruise was a highlight. 🙂

  6. Welcome back! I missed you and your weres — underweres, maybe?

    I not only want to hear Rhombeck’s reasons for choosing Bryan, but I’m really curious to know what Bryan thinks of all of this. (And why Rhombeck thinks that Tom will help him convince Bryan to do it. And why… Oh, forget it. Do you need a beta reader?)

  7. Throwing him to the wolves! love it.
    Wonder how Bryan will feel about all of this.
    Welcome back, missed my dose of Odd Duck.

    • There’s two parts to the pack, Teresa–the pack itself and the financial side. Rhombeck put all the pack businesses under an umbrella corporation to facilitate management and support.


  8. Glad you had a great trip!

    I get the feeling this — “Throwing Bryan to the wolves didn’t seem fair, either.” — line is going to play a big part later on, or soon. Like Linda said though, if this is a pack, what happened to his beta to take over? I’m curious.

    • Thanks, Daelyn!

      There aren’t any “betas” in natural wolf packs (that theory was disproved by the same scientist who theorized it in the first place–who knew?) and in this books, bloodlines and family tend to win out, unless there’s a coup.

      Which there may be, before we’re done.

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